About Lyfepyle

Hi, welcome to Lyfepyle!

Lyfepyle is an online travel and passive income building magazine that aims to provide quality information to help its readers find the answers they need to the questions they have. Whether that be where to go for dinner in Milan or how to create a new stream of income online.  


We at Lyfepyle share our passion for travel through our written articles. We believe that travel feeds the soul and is a great way to grow and develop as it changes your perspective and teaches you things you never knew you never knew. Our articles aim to present new perspectives and teachings to you so you can get some of these benefits of travel from your home. 


We hope our articles inspire you to explore the far reaching corners of the world, or even the corner of your home city you’ve never been to.


Adventure awaits!


Lyfepyle also has tons of content teaching readers how to build passive income through print on demand, blogging, and more. Our website is constantly growing and we are consistently adding more content to help our readers create a better, more financially stable, life for themselves. 


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Meet Tessa

Tessa is currently based out of Montreal, QC Canada with eyes set on a move across the globe in the near future. She has a passion for learning and building streams of income to live that digital nomad life. 


Her favourite stream of income to work on and build is her Zazzle stores. Readers will find tons of information across Lyfepyle on how they can also build up their shops on Zazzle. 


Tessa has experience in finance as she worked in the film industry in the accounting department for 10 years. If you are curious about the films and series she has worked on you can check out her IMDB here.  


Tessa loves creating art and is busy soaking up everything she can to make her a better artist. 


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Meet Evan

Evan is passionate about travel, geography, and geopolitics. He has now been to over 30 countries and has set a goal to visit 40 countries by the age of 40. Evan has travelled thousands of miles by planes, trains, automobiles, and even a few boats. 


Evan has also spent time living in many different cities and countries including:


Evan loves music and enjoys producing his own music in his spare time using Ableton LIVE. His favorite genre of music is electronic music, though he appreciates music of all styles. 


Currently, Evan is working on his language skills and is learning French while living in Montreal, QC.


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