About Lyfepyle


We are Evan and Tessa, the creators of Lyfepyle.com.

We created Lyfepyle as a way to escape the daily grind, not knowing how much of a grind starting a website is!

Tessa has a passion for generating passive income and making money online.

The passive income section is where she shares everything she has learned as well as the lessons she is still learning, with a big focus on print on demand. If you have any questions you want to be answered about passive income or print on demand please use the contact us form.

Evan loves to travel and has a passion for geography, history, and world knowledge.

The travel section is where he shares interesting facts and fun adventures related to his passions. Whether that be things like the best restaurants in the cities we’ve visited or listing the most populated French-speaking countries in the world. He writes about local interests and global knowledge.

For our friends and family, here is our Amazon.ca affiliate link. Thank you!