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What Is Arizona Known For & Famous For

Arizona has quickly become one of the most popular states in the USA. It’s no longer considered just a giant desert, but rather, it has become a hit vacation spot and even a popular place to retire. However, you might be wondering what is Arizona known and famous for?

Arizona is primarily known for its climate and sunny weather. However, it also has many natural landmarks and interesting plant life you can’t find anywhere else in the United States. The state’s biggest cities are also now famous nationwide, as well as the state’s wine production. 

Stick around and keep reading if you’ve ever wondered what makes Arizona famous. By the time you’re done with this article, you’ll be ready to plan a visit for yourself. 

Desert Climate

While parts of Arizona experience all four seasons of the year, and some areas even get snow, the state is known for being mostly desert land. That means a hot, desert climate with temperatures well over 100°F (over 37°C) on summer days. 

However, desert climates aren’t all hot, you’ll find relief during the evenings in Arizona, and you might even get cold during the winter when the temperature drops to below freezing.

If those temperatures scare you, don’t worry too much. 

Since Arizona is a desert, the heat is dry, making it more tolerable than humid climates. In fact, this desert climate has, in the past, made Arizona a go-to destination for people with allergies because the climate reduced them to irritants that could survive in the air.  

The Sun

Arizona’s climate doesn’t just come with hot weather, it also brings a lot of sunshine with it.


If you want to get away from rainy weather, then Arizona is the place for you with an impressive 296 average days of sun per year. You can guarantee nearly perfect weather all year.

With the sun, however, comes some danger. 

Since Arizona is in the desert, you’ll have less natural coverage from the sun’s rays. That means finding artificially made shade and making sure you’re wearing protective clothing and sunscreen. These are even more important to make sure you don’t get a sunburn.

National Parks, State Parks and Natural Wonders

Arizona boasts multiple state and national parks and landmarks that make this state famous worldwide. 

Petrified Wood National Park

Arizona’s Petrified Wood National Park is a one-of-a-kind natural landmark unlike any other in the United States. This park is a mixture of ancient natural history and beauty. 

The petrified wood is over 200 million years old, which is impressive in itself. However, the logs you’ll find in the park are uniquely rainbow-colored because sediments have turned these trees into almost solid quartz structures. 

The national park not only has rainbow trees, but also numerous other fossils that can be seen naturally and in the park’s museums. There might be other national parks worth visiting in the USA, but this one stands out as a true wonder.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is famous around the world for being on the of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. People might not have heard of Phoenix, Tucson, or even know that Arizona is a state, but they’ve heard of this wonder. 

The Grand Canyon and its natural park are primarily located in Arizona, but it extends into neighboring Nevada. It’s at the top of many people’s bucket lists of places to visit, and it’s a popular camping and road trip destination. 

You can even host memorable moments like weddings and other ceremonies along its edge for a truly unforgettable day. You can see the geological history of the USA right before your very eyes when you visit this marvel.

Grand Falls and Havasu Falls

Located inside the Grand Canyon park, these falls are a gorgeous way to top off a visit to this natural landmark. 

You’ll need a permit to visit these falls, and you can only visit from February to November, which means you can’t just pack up and visit. However, even though it takes a little extra planning, the Havasu and Grand falls are well worth the extra work it takes to visit. 

Though not as famous as the park’s main attraction, the Grand Canyon, they’re still becoming widely known among outdoor lovers around the world. 

Rock Formations

Arizona isn’t just known for the Canyon, but it’s also home to breathtaking rock formations that have been featured in countless films through the years. Between canyons, points, and more, there are enough rock formations to fill multiple trips to the state. 

These formations truly look like pieces of modern art that deserve to be admired. Some of them have earned the title of being national monuments, but even if you don’t visit one of the most famous formations, you’ll still be blown away by them. 

Some of the rock formations will take some work to get to, but a surprising number of them are close to cities and towns, so seeing them isn’t difficult.

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam has become famous in the decades since its construction. 

Originally built to help bring water to the barren desert lands of Arizona and Nevada, it’s now considered an engineering marvel. While the Hoover Dam is often considered a Nevada landmark, it is actually right on the border with Arizona. 

If you stand in the right spot, you’ll actually be in both states at the same time, which you can further tell by looking at the two clocks placed on the dam’s walkway. 

Since the Nevada-Arizona border also crosses a time zone border, you can see the time difference at work, making for an interesting photo opportunity for your memory books.


Did you know that Arizona is one of the leading producers of turquoise? 

In fact, it’s one of the state’s most important materials and exports. If you ever come across something made with genuine turquoise, the odds are that turquoise was sourced from one of Arizona’s mines

If you visit Arizona, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to pick up art or jewelry pieces that incorporate this precious gemstone.

What better souvenir can you think of than something with locally sourced material? Even though you can find this material in stores worldwide, getting it from its place of origin makes it a little more special. 

Saguaro Cacti

Saguaro cacti aren’t just native to Arizona, as you can also find them in Mexico and parts of California. However, Arizona is where they’re most famous. This type of cactus is known for its slow growth rate, only growing about 2” (5 cm) every ten years, but also for its impressive size potential. 

The saguaro can reach over 39’ (12 m), making them seem closer to trees than other types of cactus. If you see them, remember that, depending on their height, you might be looking at a cactus that is close to 200 years old.

Cactus Wren

The cactus wren is a small bird you can find in multiple places throughout the southwestern United States.  

However, while their numbers might be dwindling in Texas and California, they’re still commonly found in Arizona. You usually won’t find one alone, as they prefer to stay in groups for safety. These little birds call the many cacti of Arizona home and thrive among the spiny needles that give their nests a little extra safety. 

If you visit Arizona and head outside of the metropolitan areas, you’ll likely catch a glimpse of them or their nests or even hear their songs during the day, especially during mating season.

The Arizona Trail

The Arizona Trail is a scenic hiking trail that spans all the way from Mexico to Utah, with the majority of it crossing through Arizona. While initially famous among hiking and camping enthusiasts, this trail is slowly becoming famous among the broader population as well. 

With 800 miles (1,287.5 km) of the trail, it’s one of the longest and most beautiful continuous treks you can do in the USA. 

In fact, what better way to see some of the Grand Canyon State’s natural flora and fauna than to head out on this hike? You can do just a section or try your luck at making it through the whole stretch. 


Phoenix is, arguably, Arizona’s most famous city. As the state’s capital, it’s the seat of all the major developments that happen. 

However, that’s not all. 

Arizona is home to a diverse demographic that gives the city the unique characteristics that make it unlike any others in the country. With a thriving art scene and popular nightlife, there’s a reason why Phoenix has seen an influx of new people calling the city home over the past few years. 

Though inside the city limits, you’ll be in a full metropolitan area, but not too far from nature, which gives this city the best of both worlds when balancing nature and city life.

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Sedona may not be as famous as Phoenix, but it’s gaining popularity. Unlike other parts of Arizona, Sedona has a milder climate which allows visitors and residents to enjoy changing seasons. 

It’s also managed to maintain some small-town charm despite its recent growth. That means it’s less fast-paced and allows people to relax and breathe easier.  

Nature is very important to the city of Sedona, and it’s common for residents to take day trips to the nearby canyons and forests. Not only that but Sedona is also considered one of the state’s art hubs. 


Tucson is one of the sunniest cities in Arizona, with an average of only six days of rain per year. 

That’s because Tucson is a sort of oasis in the middle of the Sonoran desert. This city, once again, has impressively managed to maintain a relaxed and free environment despite its growth in population. 

That means that, though you’ll still have all the conveniences of a large city, you’ll feel like you’re in a small town where you can escape for a while. Tucson offers visitors and residents access to nature as well as the numerous events the city hosts every year. 

Copper Production

Turquoise isn’t the only natural resource that is sourced from Arizona. Copper is also naturally found here. After all, Arizona isn’t known as “The Copper State” for nothing, as 65% of the United States’ copper is mined in the state. 

Though copper mining is still a huge part of the state’s economy, its impact on the environment has become a rising concern. The focus is shifted to reducing damage caused by this activity. 

Once again, if you visit Arizona, you’ll be able to find countless pieces of art that utilize this metal, and if you find copper elsewhere in the USA, chances are, it came from right here in Arizona.  

USS Arizona

The USS Arizona was one of the battleships used in World War I that you can now find memorialized in Arizona, the state that shares its name. Located in Salt River, Arizona, you can visit the USS Arizona’s memorial gardens and take in a little history and a lot of beauty. 

You can not only visit the gardens but also the relic room during its operating hours to really absorb all the history this ship has seen during its years in service. Though initially famous with history fans, this attraction has slowly grown in popularity among a wider audience as well through the years. 


Despite its hot and dry climate, Arizona has managed to become a leader in US wine production, with three regions of the state becoming known for their vineyards. 

In fact, from the northern parts of the state to the south, you’ll be able to find wine producers. 

This production isn’t just industrial, as visitors can book tours and tastings at the vineyards. 

Arizona’s wineries have certainly given the rest of the American west’s wine countries a run for their money. 

The Bola Tie

If you think of an Arizona resident, you likely picture them wearing a bola tie. 

Made of a leather cord and a decorative clasp that’s usually made of silver and turquoise, this accessory has become known as the official unofficial uniform for those who call the state home.

It’s become so synonymous with the state that it’s even considered a state symbol. Typically made of all locally-sourced materials, the bola tie has been a part of the state’s history for almost a century. 


It’s easy to say that Arizona is known only for its weather when, in actuality, that doesn’t even scratch the surface. From nature to artisanal products, this desert state boasts a long list of things it’s known and famous for that make it worth a visit.

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