Top 28 Things Washington is Known For & Famous For

Top 28 Things Washington is Known For & Famous For

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What Is the State of Washington Known for & Famous For

If you intend to visit Washington, you need to know more about this state. Washington is one of the most famous states in the US that attracts thousands of visitors each year. However, many still don’t know what this state is famous for.

Washington is known for its picturesque landscapes and many tourist attractions. It’s the only state named after a president, George Washington. It has the largest number of glaciers among the states. The famous football team, Seattle Seahawks, comes from Seattle, Washington.

Read on to learn more about Washington’s background and attractions. We’ll give you a complete list of all the places that make Washington a great state. 

Nicknamed the Evergreen State

Washington’s nickname is “The Evergreen State” since this state has a high annual rain level with several evergreen forests. The grasses and shrubbery are green throughout the year. The Olympic Peninsula forests are the only rainforests in the United States and among the rainiest places in the world.

However, rainfall decreases dramatically from west to east. 

Western Washington has a mild climate during the year, while Eastern Washington is covered with dunes and dry grasslands and has extreme weather. It’s too cold in the winters and scorching hot in the summers. 

So, you can see both wet and dry lands in this state. 

Named After George Washington

Washington state is the only US state to be named after a president (George Washington). Congress passed a bill in 1853 to name it after the “father of the country”, but at this point, it was only considered a territory. But in 1889, it was officially recognized as a state.

Although Washington state is the only state named after a president, Washington D.C., which is a district, not a state, is also named after the same president. It’s fitting that different places are named after a president like George Washington since he was the first president of the United States (hence the term “father of the country”).


Most of Washington state’s population lives in Seattle, the largest city in Washington state and North America’s Pacific Northwest. This 4000-year-old city has many attractions that make it a great tourist destination. 

One thing that Seattle is highly famous for is the grunge movement. 

The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle gives you a complete history of this movement. Grunge, also called the Seattle Sound, was an alternative rock genre and subculture that started in the 1980s. This style links punk rock to heavy metal.

Gum Wall

The gum wall is located at the Market Theatre and first gained popularity in the 1990s when theatre patrons would stick their chewed gum on the wall. It wasn’t supposed to become a tourist attraction, but it slowly became famous in Seattle over the years. 

Many people visit it every day to stick their own gum onto it.

Although most of the attention it attracts is positive, there are some people who believe the wall is unsanitary and promotes littering. But even still, it continues to be a popular tourist attraction for many visitors, and locals, around the city.

Space Needle

The Space Needle tower is located in Seattle and is one of the city’s famous icons. There is a gift shop on the ground floor, a rotating restaurant, and an observation deck at the 520’ (158.5 m) top. 

You can use the elevator in the needle to go to the top of the tower and observe the whole city and the natural landscapes like Mount Rainier. Make a reservation at the rotating restaurant and watch the city while eating your meal. 

The Puget Sound

The Puget sound surrounds many cities in the area, but the main one is located in Seattle. You can explore this area by going to the downtown waterfront district in the city. If you’re interested in nature, you’ll certainly be impressed by the beauty of this phenomenon.

There are many activities for friends, families, and couples to enjoy at Puget Sound that include:

  • Walking around the waterfront, taking in all the beautiful nature.
  • Taking a boat ride to explore.
  • Explore the different locations and islands.

A popular island in the Puget Sound that tourists like to visit is Bainbridge island. 

It’s easy to reach from Seattle because there’s a ferry that goes directly between them. Some of the major cities that are connected to the Puget Sound, other than Seattle, include Tacoma and Olympia, so you can enjoy the beauty from different parts of the state.

Beautiful Scenery

If you’re looking for a state with an abundance of beautiful scenery, you can certainly count on Washington to give you what you’re looking for. 

One place that’s a must-see has to be Snoqualmie Falls which features a beautiful waterfall, surrounded by nature. You can look at the waterfall from many different areas and distances, and it photographs extremely well. 

Another popular attraction in Washington is the Olympic National Park, which covers a vast amount of land. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Washington due to the wide array of trails and charming nature.

Some other beautiful places in Washington include:

  • Mount Rainier
  • Hoh rainforest
  • The Palouse
  • Seattle city


There are over 39,000 farms operating across Washington, so it’s a vital part of the country’s agricultural industry. One of the most common crops grown in Washington is winter wheat. Other popular crops grown in Washington include:

  • Lentils
  • Barley
  • Peas

Washington is popular in the agricultural industry because it has favorable soil and appropriate weather conditions. 

Birthplace of Starbucks

Starbucks is the most popular restaurant chain in the world, and it was born in none other than Washington. In 1971, Starbucks opened its first store in Pike Place Market, and the rest is history.

It’s hard to believe that such a prominent restaurant had very humble beginnings in Seattle, but that’s exactly how it started. If you’re a Starbucks fan and interested in seeing the history in person, you can visit the store if you ever decide to come to Seattle. 

Much of the original fixtures are still there, and it’s a popular attraction in Washington.

Aerospace industry

Washington is an integral part of the aerospace industry, not just in the United States, but across the globe. While Boeing was created in Washington, there are other important things in the aerospace industry that rely on Washington’s expertise and resources. 

This includes:

  • Building military aircraft.
  • Building products and vehicles for space travel.

Some of the best aerospace professionals in the industry work in Washington, so the research, development, and design of everything are always of the best quality. If you’re ever interested in visiting an aerospace museum in Washington, you could consider the Flying Heritage Museum.

This museum displays many types of aircraft and is located in an old hanger in Everett. 


As I briefly mentioned in the last section, Boeing originated in Washington. Over the years, Boeing has helped to shape and redefine the aviation industry and is arguably one of the most innovative companies when it comes to international travel, along with other companies like Airbus and Lockheed Martin. 

The founder of Boeing was William E Boeing, and although he was born in Michigan, he founded the company in Seattle.


Washington, but more specifically, Seattle, is considered a growing tech hub in the United States. That’s no surprise when you realize that some of the most prominent tech companies are based in and around the state. 

Microsoft is one of the most prominent companies that has its headquarters in Washington. Although that is the case now, it wasn’t always that way. Microsoft was originally founded in New Mexico, but the company changed headquarters in the late 70s.

While Microsoft is one tech company that has close ties with Washington, Amazon is another. It was founded in 1994 in Bellevue, Washington in Jeff Bezos’ garage. Originally started as a book store, it slowly grew into what it is today, which is the world’s biggest online retailer.

The main headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, but there are secondary headquarters in Virginia. There are guided tours of the Amazon headquarters, but they only occur on certain days. 

You’ll need to book a tour if you’re interested, and it’s certainly worth it if you’re interested in learning more about Amazon and its history.


Washington is the second most glaciated state in the country after Alaska. The reason there are so many glaciers present is due to the freezing weather in the many mountains surrounding the state. 

Some of the most famous glaciers in Washington include:

  • Emmons glacier
  • Hoh glacier
  • Tahoma glacier

There are trails available for certain glaciers, and it’s definitely a fun way to spend the day.

The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are the largest group of mountains in North America, which is why they are so well-known across the world.

Since the mountain range is so long, it spreads across many states, including Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. They even pass through parts of Canada. And of course, they spread across Washington, too.

You can see the Rocky Mountains in the Northeast section of the state, so they don’t stretch across the entire region. 

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier is Washington state’s tallest mountain and the fifth-highest point in the United States. Located in the southern part of Seattle, it has the most dangerous active volcano in the continental U.S. because of its proximity to the Seattle metropolitan area. 

The mountain is covered with the most glacial ice in the United States. 

Mount Rainier National Park offers many activities and entertainment, and it’s an excellent place for hiking and watching sunrises and sunsets. You can visit this fantastic mountain park year-round. There are campsites along the way, and you can see the beautiful waterfalls and forest lands while hiking. 

North Cascades National Park

North Cascade National Park sits among high peaks and beautiful blue lakes by glacial slits. The mountains in this place are also called “the American Alps” as many people believe they’re the most scenic in Washington. 

You can enjoy hiking, camping, and cycling among these mountains. The highway to the park closes during winter. 

Olympic National Park

The Olympic mountains are located in the Northwest corner of Washington State in the Olympic National Park. 

The breathtaking glacial ice makes these mountains worth visiting. Olympic National Park also has dense rainforests and coastal areas, although some parts of the park haven’t yet been explored. 

There are also many hot mineral springs in this park, creating an excellent place for using the spas and taking baths in the mineral pools. You can stay there using a wide range of accommodations, including cabins, resorts, and RV parking lots. 

Northwest Trek

The Northwest Trek is a park you can visit if you want to see wildlife in their natural habitats. It’s an exciting place for anyone to spend the day, as you can walk around or even drive a vehicle to view the different animals roaming around.

The park is situated in Eatonville and is open seven days a week, so there are plenty of opportunities to visit. 

Some of the animals you can expect to see here include:

  • Elk
  • Deer
  • Bison
  • Swans

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is a waterfall in the east of Seattle on the Snoqualmie River between Snoqualmie and Fall City. It’s one of Washington state’s most popular attractions as it appeared in the T.V series Twin Peaks. 

You can find a park, an excellent location for hiking and having a picnic, a gift shop, and an observation deck near these falls. 

Mount St Helens

Mount St. Helens volcano erupted and caused major damage to Seattle and the surrounding states in 1980. Because of the lives lost, a national monument sits at the base of Mount St. Helens where you can see the animal life and vegetation recovery in the area. 

It has many campgrounds spread across the entire area, allowing you to stay and enjoy the unique sceneries of each area.

Mount Baker

Mount Baker is a glacial volcano in Washington that is certainly worth a visit if you’re ever in the area. You can drive around and enjoy the scenes, or you can hike the trails to get a closer look. The hiking trail is highly challenging, even for experienced hikers, and can take around nine or ten hours to complete.

Although this is an active volcano, it hasn’t erupted in over 6,000 years. Plus, there is a ski area at Mount Baker if that’s what you’re interested in, and it generally runs from winter until early summer. 

Lake Chelan

Also known as George Washington’s playground, Lake Chelan is in the North-central Washington state in Chelan County. You can swim in its blue water and go fishing, kayaking, and jet skiing. 

There are also events and activities, such as wine tasting, and you can enjoy the nightlife at the restaurants near the lake. 

San Juan Islands

San Juan County is in the Northwest of the United States with a mild climate and 172 islands and reefs. You can travel to some of these islands by ferry or kayak and watch whales near the islands. 

Each island also has its unique features to offer. Lopez Island has pastoral views and bikeable roads. Orcas Island offers you outdoor adventures in Moran State Park, where you can find forest cabins. 

You can also enjoy the water-view resorts and harbors such as Friday Harbor, Roche Harbor, and Snug Harbor. Maya’s Legacy Whale Watching at the Friday Harbor offers tours for marine wildlife and seasonal whale watching.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix, the famous musician, singer, and songwriter, born in 1942, was from Seattle. He played rock, psychedelic rock, and hard rock, and he was also famous for his blues and R&B performances. He received many music awards during his lifetime and is one of the most influential artists among electric guitar players despite his short mainstream career. 

Apple Industry

Approximately 12 billion apples are produced in Washington each year and compose around 80% of the fruit crops in the state. Because of this, the apple industry relies heavily on Washington.

I mentioned earlier that Washington has excellent, nutrient-rich soil and favorable weather, and that’s precisely why apples are grown so much here. And the apples aren’t just used in the States, but they’re exported to many parts of the world.

Lumber Industry

Washington is the second largest producer of Lumber in the United States, after Oregon. Although Washington was at one point the number one place for lumber production, Oregon surpassed it.

Even still, Washington produces an incredible amount annually, so it’s an important part of the lumber industry. Lumber produced in Washington is exported to many global markets, so it makes up an important part of the US economy.

Mining Industry

Washington isn’t the most important state when it comes to minerals, but it’s certainly up there as one of the most important. 

Many things are mined in Washington, including:

  • Clay
  • Gravel
  • Gold
  • Peat

Final Words

Of course, this short list doesn’t do justice to the amazing Washington state. These are just a brief of its icons and attractions and a few of its many famous people and figures. Visiting Washington state, you can always be surprised by its many beauties and charms. 


Top 27 Things Pennsylvania is Known For & Famous For

Top 27 Things Pennsylvania is Known For & Famous For

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn a small commission for purchases made through links in this post, at no extra cost to you.

What Is Pennsylvania Known for & Famous For?

Pennsylvania is one of the largest states in the United States in terms of both geographical size and population. However, you may be surprised by the rich mix of cultural, historical, and industrial components that are synonymous with this state. So, what are some of the features that Pennsylvania is best known for and famous for?

Pennsylvania is best known for being where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where the American Constitution was drafted and adopted, making it one of the most historically significant states in the United States. It is also a hub for manufacturing, culture, and other attractions. 

In this article, I will discuss some of the most critical aspects that Pennsylvania is known and famous for. Read on for more.

Nicknamed the Keystone State

Pennsylvania is famously nicknamed the Keystone State, a name the state was given for its vital role in the founding of the United States. As explained on the State’s website, the nickname “keystone” is an architectural term related to a wedge-shaped, central stone within an arc whose role is to hold the rest of the rocks in place. 

Accordingly, Pennsylvania is nicknamed the keystone state because of its geographical, political, and economic significance during the founding of the United States. Additionally, this state was originally the middle colony during the founding of the United States, out of the thirteen original colonies.

One of the fascinating facts about this nickname is that it is an official nickname that not only appears on the official state website, but it is also mentioned in the second verse of the state’s official song

William Penn

William Penn was born on October 14th, 1644, and is regarded as the founding father of the state of Pennsylvania. Aside from overseeing the founding of the British North American colony that became the state of Pennsylvania, William Penn is also lauded for developing strong democratic principles that later inspired the United States’ constitution. 

He is also widely regarded as a strong advocate for religious freedoms, fighting for the rights of religious minorities of Europe, and a famous political activist who served jail time four times for speaking on his beliefs. William Penn published a total of 42 books and pamphlets, challenging the Roman Catholics and upholding Quaker doctrines. 

Accordingly, Pennsylvania is also widely known for its association with this revolutionary leader, who is revered even to this day as one of the early advocates of religious freedom and democracy. 

Declaration of Independence

There is hardly a more critical document in US history than the Declaration of Independence. It approved the separation of the original thirteen British colonies in North America from Great Britain, sealing the independence of these states from Great Britain. 

Pennsylvania is famous and known for being where the Declaration of Independence was signed. This landmark document was signed in the Pennsylvania State House, which is now aptly known as Independence Hall, during the Second Continental Congress. 

This Continental Congress was convened in Philadelphia – the largest city in the State of Pennsylvania, on the 10th of May, 1775, up to March of 1781. The Second Continental Congress approved and signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. 

Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of United States independence. The original function of this bell was to gather people together to provide special events and announcements. It is regarded as a symbol of US independence because it was rung on the 8th of July, 1776, following the signing of the declaration of independence. 

While originally cast in London, this bell was designed for use in the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia. To this day, the Liberty Bell rings every hour in the renamed Pennsylvania State House, Independence Hall. Although this bell was moved constantly following the Civil War, it has been in Philadelphia since 1915 and is available on display for visitors every year at the Independence Hall.

It was also famously used as a symbol for abolitionists during the anti-slavery movement. It was the abolitionists who changed the name of the bell from the State House Bell to Liberty Bell. 

Independence Hall

Pennsylvania is also famous and known for being home to the iconic Independence Hall, located in Philadelphia. As previously explained, it was in this hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed, making it a significant landmark in US history. 

This hall is also widely regarded as the United States’ birthplace. This iconic building was also the same place where Constitutional Convention delegates convened eleven years after the Declaration of Independence to create and sign the United States Constitution. 

Independence Hall is open to the public, and visitors are treated to a guided tour by a National Park Service Ranger that lasts for 30 minutes. 

Gettysburg Battle

During the Battle of Gettysburg, from the 1st to the 3rd of July in 1863, the Confederate and Union forces clashed during the Civil War. This battle remains etched in American history, mainly because it involved the most enormous casualty numbers during the war. 

It is also considered the war’s turning point, where the Union forces gained ascendancy over the Confederate forces. This landmark battle was fought around Gettysburg, a town located in Pennsylvania. 

The Gettysburg battlefields have become locations for remembrance and reflection in the contemporary world. Veterans of the war also erected monuments to remember the many fallen soldiers. Many visitors also flock to these former battlefields every year to give their respects to those who fought in the war.

Amish Country

Pennsylvania is also known for being home to the oldest Amish settlement in the United States, the Amish of Lancaster County. The thousands of Amish people of Lancaster County still use horses and buggies to this day, characteristic of their slower and more serene lifestyle. 

Interestingly, the Amish people’s way of life has remained unadulterated for more than three centuries. Visitors to the county can take a tour of the Amish countryside to experience the Amish lifestyle.

Rolling Mountains

Pennsylvania is also home to some of the most beautiful mountains in the region. The state is almost entirely characterized by ridges, plateaus, rolling hills, and mountains, making it one of the best places to visit to enjoy natural attractions. 

Rolling mountains or hills are a series of small hills with small slopes but extending for a long distance. In fact, Lancaster County – the land of Amish people, is itself renowned for its vast rolling hills that complement the fertile farmland in the region, particularly in the southeast. 

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is the largest and most populous city in Pennsylvania. This city is also the fifth-largest in the United States and is home to the Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Philadelphia orchestra. 

Philadelphia is also known as the city of brotherly love. William Penn named Philadelphia, and its name is a combination of two words; phileo, which means love, and adelphos, which means brotherly. 

The city of Philadelphia is also a popular and dominant business hub, driven on the back of a vibrant technology ecosystem. This city is expected to become one of the leading industrial hubs in the United States in the near future. 

Philadelphia is also famous for its sports teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA, the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL, the Philadelphia Flyers in the National Hockey League, and the Philadelphia Phillies in Major League Baseball.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Pennsylvania is home to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, located in Philadelphia. This museum of art is one of the most important art centers in the United States, boasting a comprehensive collection of art collected worldwide over time. 

Some of the art pieces that have made this museum a must-visit location include art collections from the Renaissance era, masterpieces collected from the Impressionism 19th century art movement, and those from East and South Asia. 

The Philadelphia Museum of Art also boasts an outdoor sculpture garden, a wide variety of eye-catching exhibitions, and numerous exciting programs for visitors.

Pittsburgh, PA

Like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh is also a major hub for business, sports, and education. It is home to three major professional sports teams; the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Pittsburgh Panthers, and the Pittsburgh Pirates, which attract large crowds from across the state and neighboring states.

It is also home to the University of Pittsburgh, Carlow University, Duquesne University, and Carnegie Mellon University, among others. While being significantly smaller than Philadelphia in terms of size and population, this city is the second-largest in the state.


This city is also widely regarded as a central hub for technology, manufacturing, education, and healthcare in the state. 

Harrisburg, PA – State Capital

Harrisburg is the capital of the state of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg is considered one of the best places to live in the United States, based on a U.S. News Report that polled the top 150 populated cities in the United States to determine which city most people would love to live in. 

The report revealed that Harrisburg was voted one of the best places to live in by virtue of having a solid job market, featuring a high quality of life, and offering the best value for its residents. While the city was ranked 61st of 150 cities, and was ranked the best out of all cities in the state. 

Hershey, PA – The Chocolate Capital of the USA

Pennsylvania is also famous for being home to the chocolate capital of the United States, Hershey, PA. Hershey is named after Milton S. Hershey, the man who founded the Hershey chocolate brand, which has become popular and a fan favorite across the United States and the world. 

Simply put, Hershey City is all about chocolate, specifically bars and Kisses chocolate, which has only bolstered its popularity. The Hershey Chocolate company moved to Derry Church in 1903 due to the availability of fresh milk needed to create chocolate. 

With the company’s growth, Derry Church was renamed Hershey, essentially a company town that was driven by chocolate. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state, many of whom visit to have a look at the model industrial town. 

Kennett Square, PA – Mushroom Capital of the World

The world-famous mushroom capital of the world – Kennett Square – is located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Kennett Square boasts arguably the largest mushroom growing operations in the United States. According to Mainline Today, approximately 65% of all fresh mushrooms consumed in the United States are grown in this region. 

Accordingly, mushrooms are the state’s largest income earner and cash crop, adding $500 million on average to the state of Pennsylvania every year. Due to the rich history of mushroom production in this region spanning more than 100 years, the crowd-pulling Mushroom Festival is held in Kennett Square every September.

It is estimated that up to 250 mushroom vendors grace the festival, and more than 100,000 visitors looking to witness the festival make their trip to the square. 

Major League Sports

Philadelphia boasts having numerous professional sports teams across the four major leagues, including the National Basketball Association, The National Hockey League, The National Football League, and Major League Baseball. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers, for instance, are popular across the United States, having won four national championships in 1979, 1980, 2006, and 2009. The Philadelphia 76ers – an NBA team, is also a fan-favorite professional team whose matches are televised across the United States during football season. 

The national coverage of these major league sports has played a significant role in putting Pennsylvania on the national map. 

Little League World Series

The Little League World Series takes place in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This is an annual baseball tournament for boys between 10 and 12 years and features the best teams to determine the world champion. 

While the world series featured only US teams during the inaugural game in 1947, international teams from Canada started gracing the occasion in 1952. The tournament also attracts thousands of baseball fans from across the world. For instance, up to 469,964 fans attended the tournament in 2015, setting a world record. 

Bushkill Falls

Nicknamed the Niagara of Pennsylvania, the Bushkill Falls represent one of the state’s most popular and famous scenic attractions. These are a series of eight waterfalls in the Pocono Mountains. 

Hikers and visitors can access the falls through an intricate system of bridges and hiking trails, providing a beautiful view of not only the falls but also the beautiful adjacent forests. The Bushkill Falls park spans approximately 300 acres (1.21 square kilometers) and two miles (3.22 kilometers) of walkways, trails, and bridges. 

Hundreds of thousands of visitors from all around the world come to visit Bushkill Falls every year. 

Philly Cheesesteaks

The Philly cheesesteak is a sandwich made from provolone cheese, sliced ribeye steak, and onions. It is a very popular option in the East Coast and is considered one of the world’s best sandwiches. 

The Philly cheesesteak has a long and rich history, originally introduced in 1930 by Pat and Harry Olivieri. This cheesesteak has grown tremendously in popularity and is found everywhere in the United States. 

While there are some variations, the original ingredients of the Philly cheesesteak have essentially remained the same over time. 

Shoofly Pie

Shoofly pie is one of the most well-known pies across the globe. It is a Pennsylvania-Dutch dessert with a rich history that dates back more than a hundred years ago. It is widely viewed as part of the traditional Pennsylvania-Dutch traditions and cuisines and, therefore, an aspect of traditional yet unique early American culture.


The bulk of all pretzels sold in the United States is manufactured in Pennsylvania. As Len Rome from WYTV notes, the state has more than 45 manufacturing companies that produce pretzels. The author explains that these Pennsylvania companies manufacture approximately 80% of all pretzels. 

In addition to being the largest producers of pretzels in the United States, residents of Pennsylvania also consume a large amount of pretzels per year, almost six times that of the average American, who only consumes two pounds a year. 

Joe Biden

Pennsylvania is also known for being the birthplace of the 46th president of the United States – Joe Biden. Joe Biden was born Joseph Robinette Biden. Jr. in 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Although the Biden family later moved from Pennsylvania to Delaware in 1953, most people still view the state as the birthplace of the 46th president.


Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle State Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. The park spans a total of 3,200 acres (12.94 square kilometers) and extends into Lake Erie. Many visitors come to the park to enjoy the scenic view of the majestic coastline and take part in the numerous recreational activities in the park, such as in-line skating, fishing, boating, among others. 

As a massive sandy peninsula, Presque Isle is an American national natural landmark. It is also home to many rare and endangered species of birds and a popular spot during their migration. It is also a major shipping port, attracting many freighters and pleasure boats from all across the world. 


When it comes to unique architectural designs, Fallingwater is among the best in the United States. The building was designed in 1935 by master architect Frank Lloyd Wright and was completed two years later.

Wright designed this house for the Kaufmann family, a breathtaking masterpiece that was built over a waterfall. This building became one the most popular architectural designs of the 20th century. 

The residence lies near Mill Run in the southern part of Pennsylvania. This building was opened to the public in 1964, and due to its unique design, it has seen more than five million visitors from all around the world.

Eastern State Penitentiary 

The Eastern State Penitentiary had a long run that spanned over 142 years before its closure and more than 72,000 inmates, making it one of the most famous prisons in the world. Considered by many as the most expensive and famous prison in the history of the United States, the Pennsylvania-based institution was home to some of the most notorious criminals in the US.

Among its tenants are the infamous “Slick Willie” Sutton and “Scarface” Al Capone, legendary criminals in their own right. This notorious prison first opened its doors in 1829, and people all over the world marveled at its unique architecture. 

It also adopted a new radical philosophy for criminals, looking to reform these subjects through strict isolation, a quickly adopted model across the rest of the world. Suffice to say, this prison was a pioneer for prison reform not only in the United States but the world as a whole.

To this day, it still remains one of the most expensive prisons in the United States’ history and was named a National Historic Landmark following its closure in 1971.

Andy Warhol Museum

The Pittsburgh-based Andy Warhol Museum sets itself apart from the rest as the largest museum in North America, dedicated to only one artist. This museum boasts a vast art collection and archives from Andy Warhol, born in Pittsburgh.

This museum sits on an 88,000-square foot (8,175.47 square meters) property, with among other features, seven floors, 900 paintings, 17 galleries, and more than 4,300 films and taped works from the artist. 

Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian mountains are famous for being some of the oldest mountain chains in the North American region. Stretching for more than 2,000 miles (3,218.69 kilometers) from Canada to the United States, these mountains are estimated to have existed for more than 480 million years. 

These mountains span over 14 states, including Maine, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, etc. In Pennsylvania, these mountains cut across the entirety of the state, making them one of the state’s main geographical attractions. 

In Pennsylvania, the Appalachian Mountains reach a maximum height of 3,213 feet (979.32 meters). 

Pocono Mountains

The Pocono Mountains are located in Pennsylvania’s highland region. Unlike the Appalachian Mountains, these are flat-topped mountains with a maximum height of 1,800 feet (548.64 meters).

This region is renowned for its scenic properties. It features a network of streams, lakes, and forests and a serene and calm climate, making it a must-go destination for many domestic and international visitors. 


In closing, Pennsylvania is famous for and known for various factors. It is a state with tremendous historical and cultural significance, especially as they relate to the founding of the United States. It also boasts world-renowned cuisines, industries, and sports franchises which have bolstered its popularity. 

On top of this, Pennsylvania is also home to numerous scenic and natural attractions, making it one of the best tourist destinations for domestic and international visitors. 


Top 28 Things Indiana is Known For & Famous For

Top 28 Things Indiana is Known For & Famous For

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn a small commission for purchases made through links in this post, at no extra cost to you.

What Is Indiana Known For & Famous For?

Indiana is in the center east of the United States, located between Illinois and Ohio and under Michigan. This was the 19th state added to the US and has a population of 6.73 million people. Indiana is known for dozens of other things beyond its basics.

Indiana is known for its capital Indianapolis, the University of Notre Dame, and many state parks. Additionally, you can find Holiday World amusement park and the biggest children’s museum in the world in Indiana. It is also famous for its college and high school teams.

This is nowhere close to an exhaustive list of all the things that make Indiana unique. Below, I’ll go over 22 different things that make Indiana unlike anywhere else in the US, including each of the things mentioned above.


Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana, with a population of over 800,000 people, which is located directly in the middle of the state. There are dozens of things that make Indianapolis unique, including the Indy 500 and the Indianapolis Colts.

The Indianapolis Colts are a professional football team that plays in the Lucas Oil Stadium located in Indianapolis. 

Additionally, the Indiana Pacers play in Indianapolis, just down the street at the Bainbridge Field House. The Pacers have nine division titles and have famous rivalries with the Detroit Pistons, New York Knicks, and Miami Heat.

Vast Farmlands

Beyond the modernness of its big cities, Indiana is known for its vast farmlands, with 80% being either farmland, forest, or woodland. 

Some additional stats about Indiana’s farmlands are:

  • There are 94,000 farmers in Indiana.
  • There are more dairy cows in Indiana than there are people in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Did you know that Indiana has 184,000 dairy cows compared to 65,435 people in Cheyenne?

Indiana is known for its farm production and has an FFA (Future Farmers Association) located in nearly every county and city.

The Indy 500

The Indy 500 famously takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana. This sporting event, also called the Indiana 500, takes place every year around May and showcases race cars that go nearly two hundred miles per hour. 

This yearly event brings in nearly 300,000 people for viewing, and the following video shows the pageantry:

If you like motor racing, the Indy 500 is surely an event that will entertain and astonish you.

Steel Mills

The largest steel mill in all of America is in Indiana. The mill, called the Gary Works mill, is just one of many steel mills located in Indiana. That would explain why Indiana is the top US state in steel production year after year.

University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is a historic university known for academics and sports. Notre Dame is located in Notre Dame, Indiana, which is in the northernmost part of the state, close to the Michigan border and Lake Michigan. However, the town of Notre Dame sits within the larger city of South Bend, Indiana.

Notre Dame is a private catholic university, meaning it is not funded by government or state entities. 

The University of Notre Dame has the colors blue and gold and the mascot Fighting Irish. They have a D1 football team and basketball team, both of which are often ranked as top-tier. Academically, Notre Dame is ranked #19 in the US. 

This video gives a brief tour of the campus:

Notre Dame was attended by Condoleezza Rice (the 66th secretary of state), Joe Montana (famous quarterback), Regis Philbin (TV personality), Nicholas Sparks (award-winning author of titles such as The Notebook and A Walk To Remember), and Austin Smith (actor Taylor Swift’s brother).

They are also well-known for their science graduate programs, including Physics. 

For extremely talented and intelligent students, they offer an attractive scholarship and stipend package. Grad students who otherwise couldn’t afford higher education can get a chance, especially through the McNair Scholars program, which helps them with a full-ride scholarship and a decent stipend for nine months per year.

They also give grad students a per diem for entertainment purposes, such as the Indy 500.

High School Basketball

Indiana is known for being passionate about its high-school basketball teams. The movie Hoosiers was based on a true story about a small-town basketball team beating a big-city basketball team in Indiana. Now, the hype surrounding high school basketball is called Hoosier Hysteria

Overall, people of the state love basketball, whether it be high school, college, or professional.

State Parks

Indiana is home to numerous state parks, including:

  • Clifty Falls State Park
  • Indiana Dunes State Park
  • Brown County State Park
  • Turkey Run State Park

State parks are funded in part by state governments to ensure the conservation and upkeep of the land.

Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park is located in Madison, Indiana, and welcomes over 300,000 visitors. The park allows camping and lodging as well as hiking for day use. Additionally, visitors can go swimming or on a picnic here.

Indiana Dunes State Park

Indiana Dunes State Park is in the northern part of Indiana with over 2,000 acres. At this park, you will find a large beach on the coast of Lake Michigan. This video explains what Indiana Dune state park looks like:

In addition to the beach and all of the land, you’ll find several native trees.

Brown County State Park

Brown County State Park is located in Nashville, Indiana, and hosts many different events. They offer different hikes, walks, and events, such as the Reptile Roundup, at their park. A fun fact about Brown County State Park is that it’s lovingly called the “Little Smokies” of its similarities to the Great Smoky Mountains.

Turkey Run State Park

Turkey Run State Park was voted the number one most loved state park in all of Indiana. This state park has inns, cabins, and campsites for visitors who want to stay on the land. Additionally, you can find hiking trails, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, horseback riding, and a nature center at Turkey Run.

Perfect North Slopes Ski Resort

Many people don’t associate Indiana with winter sports such as skiing. However, Indiana is known for getting a good amount of snow just like the rest of the Midwest.

Those who like to ski or snowboard can visit the Perfect North Slopes Ski Resort for a stay and some skiing. Though there are no mountains in this location, the slopes make an adventurous addition to your typical ski routine.

Not only do Indiana visitors like to ski and snowboard for recreation at the North Slopes Ski Resort, but the resort also hosts several competitions. However, if you are less than excited about going skiing or snowboarding, you are also welcome to stay at the lodge.

Wabash, IN – First Electrically Lit City In The World

Wabash, Indiana, was the first electrically lit city in the entire world. 

On March 31, 1880, candle-powered arches lit the Wabash Courthouse, which were invented by Charles F. Brush, a native of Cleveland, Ohio. The city of Wabash celebrates this event each year.

Town of Santa Claus

The Town of Santa Claus is another staple of Indiana. This city names itself the “Christmas Hometown” of America and draws dozens of Santa Claus statues in various parts of the city. 

This video shows an inside look at Santa Claus and tells the story of how it got its name:

Originally, the town was called Santa Fe, but it was too close to another Santa Fe in Indiana. In Indiana, the Santa Claus post office receives all letters written to “Santa Claus.”

The Hoosier State

Indiana is often called the Hoosier state. The University of Indiana has “Hoosiers” as its mascot, but the term Hoosier goes farther back than college sports teams. 

There are a few theories that the name was used colloquially by early settlers of Indiana, by those referring to people from Indiana, or even by combining terms like “who’s here?” or “who’s ear?”.

However, the most official definition of the term goes back to a nickname by southerners.

In addition to Indiana residents being called Hoosiers, many refer to the Indiana University team and its fans solely as “Hoosiers.” Though people from all over the country define Hoosiers differently, former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee defines it as: “a human who is willing to stand up in the face of adversity, chug two beers, and do anything he can to make America a better place.

Hosted the First Professional Baseball Game (in Fort Wayne)

The first professional baseball game was hosted in Fort Wayne, Indiana, by the Fort Wayne Kekiongas and was won by the Indiana team. This took place in the late 1800s and was advertised in the Fort Wayne Daily Gazette.

The Gasoline Pump Was Invented Here (in Fort Wayne)

The gasoline pump was invented in Fort Wayne, Indiana, by Sylvanus Freelove Bowser. Originally, he had made the pump to help with kerosine, but eventually, as cars became more popular realized he could use it to easily get gasoline into a car.

Industries in Indiana

Indiana is known for several industries, each slightly different from the next. In Indiana, you can find great examples of:

  • Automotive
  • Agriculture

As mentioned above, a good deal of Indiana is dedicated to farmland. However, this doesn’t mean this state is strictly dealing in agriculture. Indiana is number two in automobile production.


Indiana is second in the US for automobile production and brings in nearly $102 billion each year in car sales. The automotive industry in Indiana continues to grow as the state funds STEM education for young learners in hopes that more and more young engineers will call the state home.


As mentioned above, Indiana has tons of farmland and produces many crops that are distributed all over the US. Indiana exports:

  • Corn
  • Pork
  • Grain
  • Soybeans
  • Pumpkins
  • Mint
  • Milk

They’re well known for their contributions of corn to the national economy.


Indiana produces nearly $5.6 billion worth of corn each growing season. The production of corn in Indiana has gone up steadily since 2018. Indiana is the fifth-ranked state in the US for corn production.

Johnny Appleseed

The American legend of Johnny Appleseed is based on a real man who was a reverend. He lived in Indiana and died a resident of the state. Johnny Appleseed was said to have traveled around the country, leaving apple seeds to help grow trees.

Home To Mark Spitz-Nine-Time Winning Olympic Swimming

Mark Spitz was born in Modesto, California, but attended the University of Indiana and swam on their team. He was a talented swimmer who won nine gold medals in the Olympics in swimming and eight NCAA titles for the University of Indiana.

The Monon Trail

The Monon Trail is a bike trail in Indiana known for giving bikers a large trail to enjoy and leading them to some great locations in the city. This trail is nearly 20 miles (32.19 km) long and is not meant for speed racing but rather for enjoying a bike ride on the beautiful path. 

Dog walkers, hikers, and other active Hoosiers also use this trail for athletic purposes.

Pork Tenderloin

Indiana is both known for its delicious pork tenderloin. As it is served in Indiana, pork tenderloin is usually the tenderloin cut of the pork meat breaded and served on a sandwich bun. 

Most of the time, restaurants dish it out so large it can barely fit on the bun. Though the origins of this sandwich aren’t clear, the pork tenderloin sandwich is a staple of the Indiana fair and is popular in both Indiana and Iowa.

Conner Prairie Living Museum

The Conner Prairie Living Museum is a large outdoor attraction with many things to do. To highlight the history of Indiana, the Living Prairie Museum’s staff dress in traditional prairie outfits. Their old buildings show the architecture of the period. 

At the Conner Prairie Living Museum, you can find:

  • Classes
  • Camps
  • Events, such as history on tap.
  • Art events 
  • Music events
  • Dining

One of the most popular events hosted at the Conner Prairie Living Museum is the Hearthside Suppers in the Spring, where foods are prepared traditionally from the 1800s.

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari

Holiday World is one of the most popular amusement parks in the entire world and is located in Indiana. This park was the first-ever “theme” park, set in Santa Claus, Indiana, which began as Santa Claus world and slowly became a theme park to showcase all of the many holidays we celebrate. 

The theme park has rides, events, and food for visitors.

On average, the park gets over one million visitors a year. On any given day, the population at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is larger than the population of the entire town it resides in.

Biggest Children’s Museum in the World

The biggest Children’s Museum in the entire world is in Indiana, and it hosts classes, camps, and events catering to the developing child. You can find exhibits for:

  • Trains
  • Carousels
  • Fireworks
  • Theater 
  • Playing
  • History 
  • Dinosaurs
  • Space
  • Science
  • Music 
  • Greece
  • Barbie
  • Doc McStuffins
  • Sports

Additionally, this museum has dozens of interactive indoor and outdoor experiences. Families can participate in football, basketball, putt-putt golf, and tennis at the Children’s Museum of Indiana.

“Ope” the Word of the Locals

One of the easiest ways to spot a midwesterner is by using the word “ope,” and Indiana falls into this category. “Ope” is used as a colloquialism meaning “whoops” or “sorry about that.” The term is used by people in Indiana and across the midwest alike. However, it is more popular in Minnesota and Wisconsin than in Indiana.

Final Thoughts

Indiana has both historical and modern sites fit for everyone. With its prestigious universities, kid-friendly amusement parks, and diverse state parks, you’ll find that Indiana has a little something for everyone on the list. 

Indiana is centrally located and well known in the US for its involvement in agriculture and entertainment.

Whether you would like to visit during the winter months to ski or the Summer months to hike, there’s always something to do in Indiana. From Indiana, you’re also within traveling distance of the famous cities of Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, and Cincinnati, Ohio.


Top 27 Things Colorado is Known For & Famous For

Top 27 Things Colorado is Known For & Famous For

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn a small commission for purchases made through links in this post, at no extra cost to you.

What Is Colorado Known for & Famous For

Colorado is a Western U.S state praised by many for its insanely scenic landscape and for being a great holiday destination. Apart from being a popular location for snow activities like snowboarding, skiing, and hiking, Colorado is home to bustling cities and diverse wildlife.

Colorado is known and famous for its beautiful ski resorts, monuments, nature reserves, and towering mountains. It’s also renowned for being the first state to legalize the use of marijuana, the home of the cheeseburger, a prime spot for seeing rare wildlife, and so much more.

I’ll elaborate on what makes Colorado a famous and popular tourist destination and give insight into what Colorado offers!

Denver, CO – The Mile High City

Denver is the most populated city in Colorado, with one of the most extensive city park systems in the United States, housing over 200 parks. 

Denver is highly sports-oriented and also loves its arts and culture. With six professional sports teams and numerous art exhibitions, Denver is genuinely setting itself up for a rich history and legacy!

Denver got its nickname, “The Mile High City,” since it is 5,280 feet (1,609 meters) above sea level, precisely one mile. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, Denver makes an excellent choice for residence or vacations. Denver’s climate is quite dry, so it’s best to drink a lot of water there.

High Altitude

Altitude is the distance above sea level, and Colorado has a whopping average of 6,800 feet (2,072 meters) above sea level, making it the highest-altitude state in the United States.

Colorado’s high altitude may cause altitude sickness because of the lower oxygen levels, which results in flu-like symptoms. The best way to combat altitude sickness is to reduce your alcohol intake, avoid intense exercise, give your body at least a day to adjust to the high altitude, and drink a lot of water!

However, the sweeping peaks of Colorado sure give quite a view, so be sure to situate yourself near a window as you’re acclimating! There’s nothing like the snow-capped peaks surrounding the city. 

Skiing & Snowboarding

Colorado is every skier and snowboarder’s wonderland with a vast selection of ski resorts and activities for people of all experience levels. According to Undercover Tourist, January and February are the best months to ski in Colorado in terms of snow depth. 

January and February also happen to be the colder, less crowded months, so be sure to pack ample warm clothing if you go during these months.

Vail Ski Resort

Vail Ski Resort is one of the biggest ski resorts in the world, with 5,317 acres of terrain. Not only does Vail Ski Resort have a massive amount of skiable terrain, but there are also post-ski activities available like a spa treatment or shopping trip! 

If you’re worried about the terrain being a bit much for you, worry not. There are seven back bowls with beginner terrain for those with little to no experience with snow sports.

Not only can you ski at Vail, but you can also try out one of their 90+ restaurants that’ll be sure to hit the spot after some time in the snow. Vail Ski Resort hosts a 4-day Snow Daze festival, with concerts, early season specials, and even after-dark parties. You won’t regret visiting Vail Ski Resort if you’re ever in Colorado!

Beautiful Natural Landscapes

Colorado has some of the world’s most varied landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to waterfalls – there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Colorado’s lush green forests and scenic hiking trails make for great outdoor adventures and an alternative to skiing if that’s not your thing. The landscapes in Colorado are truly breathtaking, and their diversity will always be something Colorado’s famous for! 

First State To Legalize Marijuana

On November 7, 2000, the state constitution approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes (Amendment 20), and patients could grow no more than six marijuana plants. 

Voters approved the use of marijuana for recreational purposes (Amendment 64) in December 2012, and Colorado established state-licensed cannabis dispensaries in 2014, making Colorado the first state to legalize the possession, sale, and usage of marijuana!

So, while you’re here, you may want to opt for a trip to a dispensary if that’s your thing. 

Still, note that the amendments allow the purchase, usage, and possession of marijuana for those aged 21 and older, and consumption of any kind (eating or smoking) on public and federal land is illegal.

People aged 21 and above are permitted to have no more than 2 ounces (56.7 grams) of marijuana, and possession of over 2 ounces (56.7 grams) can result in fines or charges. So, be sure to treat it like alcohol and be respectful and safe. 

Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail is a long-distance hiking trail of 485 miles (780 kilometers) between Denver and Durango, divided into 33 segments. 

With over five significant rivers, six national forests, six wilderness preserves, and eight mountain ranges, the entire trail can take 4 to 6 weeks to complete. The Colorado Trail is massive and has a vast range of terrain suitable for people of all hiking experiences and skills.

Whether you decide to hike the entire trail or not, ensure you bring essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, water, etc. You can take a day hike, backpack, or mountain bike along the trail at your own pace and even bring your dog along! Since dogs aren’t allowed for 6 miles of Segment 1, you can either begin at a different starting point, skip the segment, or meet up with your dog at the start of Segment 2.

National Parks

Colorado’s National Parks offer remarkable views and the most varied wildlife you could come across, along with the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings. Whether you rock climb, hike, or cycle is up to you. Colorado’s National Parks will not disappoint!

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain is a world-renowned national park recognized for its extraordinary scenery, dozens of mountain peaks, and evergreen forests. With 415 square miles (265,807 acres) of terrain and a range of mountains, Rocky Mountain is truly a sight to behold. Not only is Rocky Mountain picturesque, but there are also wildlife viewings and hiking trails available! 

At Rocky Mountain National Park, you can experience fishing, camping, and mountain climbing while taking in a fantastic view. The park is open all year round, so feel free to go on a trip to Rocky Mountain whenever you’re in Colorado!

Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve

Great Sand Dunes is a 30 square mile (19,200 acres) sandbox you can hike, camp, horse ride, or picnic in! 

Great Sand Dunes National Park makes a fantastic holiday destination with nature walks and insanely high dunes and peaks (750 to 14,000 feet or 228.6 to 4,267.2 meters tall), especially if you have kids. 

Great Sand Dunes offers a Junior Ranger program with several activities for kids aged 3 to 12, and kids even get a badge once they complete the program!

Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve is somewhere it would be best to camp for a few days. Multiple public and private campgrounds are available and with various ranger-led programs, visiting Great Sand Dunes is well worth your time.

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde (meaning Green Table in Spanish) was established in June 1906 to preserve 700 years’ worth of archaeological sites built by Ancestral Puebloans. Over 4,000 archaeological sites are in Mesa Verde, giving us insight into the history of America and what the culture entailed. 

Not only does Mesa Verde have a rich history and well-preserved ruins, but you can also go on private or group tours through the park.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy with restaurants, gift shops, stargazing, hiking, and cliff dwellings. Mesa Verde also has a pet-friendly lodge, making it an excellent choice for a getaway!

Claret Cup Cactus – The State Cactus

The Claret Cup Cactus was declared the state cactus of Colorado on March 7, 2017. With the effort of four girls from the Douglas County Girl Scout Troop, Governor John Hickenlooper signed House Bill No. 14-1024 at the State Capitol, adopting the Claret Cup Cactus as Colorado’s state cactus.

The Claret Cup can be found in various habitats and is deemed one of the easier cacti species to grow. The fruit of the Claret Cup Cactus is edible, so feel free to give it a taste!


Colorado’s landscapes and parks are home to various wildlife, from mountain lions to wolves and black bears to elk. With 960 species, Colorado has one of the most varied wildlife populations in North America. 

The animals are safe and free to roam in their protected habitats, namely the National Parks, where you can book a viewing to see these beautiful creatures.

Not only does Colorado have a diverse land animal population, but many bird species love soaring above the Coloradan mountains. Although there are plenty of bird species in Colorado, red-tailed hawks and bald eagles seem to steal the spotlight! 

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is one of Colorado’s best parks, with an endless amount of activities anyone can enjoy. You can go on a horseback ride, tour on a segway or jeep, or take a drive in the comfort of your car. Several trails are available (paved, specialty, and dirt trails), and Garden of the Gods has disability access, so there’s something for everyone!

With a Trading Post that has a gift shop, bathroom, Starbucks coffee, and a restaurant, you can make a day of visiting the Garden of the Gods. Mountain biking is permitted within the designated mountain biking section, and you’re allowed to bring your dog, granted they’re on a leash!

Pikes Peak & Cog Railway

The Pikes Peak & Cog Railway was completed on October 20, 1890, by Zalmon G. Simmons after he rode a mule to the top of Pikes Peak but claimed the journey there was horrible. 

Zalmon said the view of the mountain was beautiful, so he decided to take on the strenuous task of making the mountain accessible by rail transport. That way, anyone could experience the beauty of Pikes Peak without the grueling journey.

There’s a gift shop and cafe available at the Manitou Station, so you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or buy a souvenir (or both) on your way up to get one of the best views in the USA!

Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners Monument is a historical landmark in Southwestern Colorado that marks the point where the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah meet. The Four Corners Monument is the only square border where more than three states meet, and the vendor market is a great place to learn more about the culture of the traditional goods on display. 

Be sure to take a picture while you’re in all four states!

The visitor center and food vendors serve traditional Native cuisine that you can enjoy on a picnic at the monument!

Colorado Fourteeners

Colorado is home to 58 mountain peaks known as fourteeners or 14ers. The Colorado Fourteeners are majestic and exceed 14,000 feet (4267.2 meters), offering breathtaking views (literally). 

Since the air becomes thinner as you climb up a mountain, it can result in altitude sickness if your body struggles to accommodate the lack of oxygen in the air. So, if you decide to go on a mountain trek, it would be best to take it easy and listen to your body, and don’t push yourself further if you don’t feel good.

Climbing a Fourteener is a dignifying experience, considering the insane altitude of the peaks. If you plan on climbing a 14er, ensure you stay hydrated and be patient when allowing your body time to adapt to the height. Still, you don’t have to go all the way up, so feel free to take a stunning scenic walk along the base of one of these majestic peaks. 

With hiking trails and peaks for all experience and skill levels, anyone can enjoy Colorado’s beautiful scenery.

Old West Towns

Colorado’s 1,500 historical old west towns are a sneak peek into Colorado’s history. Although they’re now considered ghost towns, the old west towns of Colorado used to be a hotspot for saloons, showdowns, and prosperity in the mining industry during the late 1800s. The Old West Towns are well-preserved and accessible for those who want a glimpse of the real American West. 

Dude Ranches

A dude ranch is a term used to describe a cattle ranch converted into a tourist vacation destination. Colorado has over 30 family-friendly dude ranches with agendas packed with activities. 

If you want a taste of the farm life, working ranches allow the guests to participate in everyday farm duties like collecting fresh eggs and herding the cattle! Staying at a dude ranch is a memorable experience and a breath of fresh air away from the bustling city life.

Kit Carson County Carousel

Kit Carson County Carousel consists of 46 hand-carved and painted animals manufactured between 1904 and 1933 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. There were over 2,000 carousels in America between 1885 and the 1930s, yet less than 150 remain. Today, the Kit Carson carousel still stands and is open to visitors. 

The Kit Carson was robbed of three horses and one donkey in May 1981, and Kansas authorities retrieved these months after, along with other stolen antiques. So, there’s a bit more history to this fun site than meets the eye!  

The Kit Carson County Carousel is a beautiful destination, and the manufacturers put an immense effort into hand-crafting the carousels. It’s a stop you should undoubtedly make when you’re in Colorado! 

The Shining

Ever wondered where the gruesome events in The Shining took place? Right in The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado! This 140-room hotel is famous for its role in The Shining and is a few miles from Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Not only is The Stanley Hotel known for its excellent service, but there’s also talk of active paranormal phenomena. If horror and the supernatural are your things, a stay at The Stanley Hotel is for you! 


Colorado has a variety of waterbodies that sailors, swimmers, kayakers, windsurfers, and fishers all love. Some famous lakes in Colorado include the Grand Lake, Prospect Lake, Chatfield Reservoir, Lake San Cristobal, and Grand Mesa Lakes. 

All of these water bodies are enjoyed by many, especially those that partake in water activities! If not, the Colorado water bodies are great for family fun, camping, and enjoying the crisp air and gorgeous views.

Food Colorado is Known For

Like the wildlife and landscapes, Colorado’s cuisine is just as diverse and robust. From Rocky Mountain oysters to truffle fries, Coloradan food is something you’ll never forget, and you’ll keep wanting to come back for more! 

Rocky Mountain Oyster

Rocky Mountain Oysters have a rich history in Colorado. You may be surprised to know that Rocky Mountain Oysters aren’t seafood but rather bull testicles. 

Early west cattle ranchers would castrate their bulls as a form of breeding control and cook the bulls’ testicles when food was scarce, so nothing went to waste. Bull testicles became a delicacy and are loved by many Coloradans. So, be sure to grab some while you’re here to say you gave them a fair shot!

Denver Omelet

A classic Denver omelet is made with ham, bell peppers, onions, and sometimes cheese. Historians speculate that the Denver omelet was initially a sandwich, then eventually, a breadless version emerged and became known as the Denver Omelet.


In 1935, the cheeseburger was invented in Denver, Colorado, at the first drive-thru restaurant named the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In. The owner of Humpty Dumpty Drive-In, Louis Ballast, received a patent for a cheeseburger sandwich, and it has been history ever since. Although Humpty Dumpty Drive-In has closed down, the site is now home to a granite memorial that has stood there since 1987, indicating the spot of Colorado’s first drive-in and the place where the world’s first cheeseburger was made. 


Today, over 630 breweries are throughout Colorado – Coloradans love local beers! Colorado’s love and demand for beer grew as the state evolved and the industry took off. A Great American Beer Festival is held every fall in Denver and has been a tradition for over 30 years. The Great American Beer Festival is three days, and you can sample over 4,000 beers from the best breweries in the nation! So, if you like beer, head over to Denver in the Fall!

Colfax Avenue

Colfax Avenue is one of Colorado’s many landmarks and is also the longest commercial street in America, over 50 miles (80.47 km)  long. Colfax Avenue is home to several integral parts of history, including the State Capitol building, where the Claret Cup Cactus was declared the state cactus! 

Running through Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, and Golden, Colfax consists of a collection of bars, businesses, tattoo parlors, and tons of other great spots to visit. Colfax Avenue is historic, authentic, and filled with great vibes and people. 


Although Colorado has a reputation for being aesthetically pleasing, there’s way more than what meets the eye than just Colorado’s scenery. With a rich cultural heritage, Colorado is truly a state I believe everyone should experience at least once. Colorado lives up to the standard everyone holds it to, with fantastic food, drinks, people, and activities!


Top 23 Things Tennessee is Known For & Famous For

Top 23 Things Tennessee is Known For & Famous For

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn a small commission for purchases made through links in this post, at no extra cost to you.

What Is Tennessee Known for & Famous For?

Tennessee is one of the most famous and well-known states in America. Most people worldwide have heard of Nashville and Tennessee whiskey, but what is Tennessee most known and famous for?

Tennessee, the Volunteer State, is known for country and blues music. Famous musicians such as Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Cash started their music careers in Nashville or Memphis. Tennessee is where Jack Daniels whiskey is made and home to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

In this article, I will discuss why Tennessee is nicknamed the Volunteer State, and the rich history of country and blues music that surrounds the state. I’ll also tell you about the fantastic attractions found in the state, such as Cades Cove and The Lost Sea Adventure.

Nicknamed the Volunteer State

Tennessee has a rich history, and it is no exception when it comes to war. The state got its nickname, The Volunteer State, because of its enthusiastic participation in the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, and World War II.

Fifteen years after Tennessee became a state, 2000 soldiers, led by General Andrew Jackson, voluntarily got involved in the War of 1812. The final battle, known as the Battle of New Orleans, took place in 1815, and America was victorious.

Years later, in 1846, Tennessee was asked for their help with the Mexican-American War. 

The request was for Tennessee to send around 2,800 soldiers, but they sent more than 30,000. Tennessee wanted revenge for the death of one of their former congressmen, Davy Crocket, at the Alamo.

Tennessee soldiers also voluntarily took part in World War II. One of the Captains, Jacob Hartsell, wrote a poem titled The Brave Volunteer, documenting his experiences during the war.


Nashville is a beautiful state with a vibrant music scene. The city is named after Francis Nash, a general in the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War.

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, is located on the Cumberland River, and has a population of around 700,000 citizens. Known as Music City, Nashville is most famous for country music.

There are several universities in Nashville, such as Tennessee State University and Belmont University. Many tourists visit Nashville every year to enjoy its rich history and attractions like the Grand Ole Opry.

Discover more about what Nashville is known for here!

Country Music

If you hear the word Nashville, you automatically think of country music. 

You don’t have to be a fan to know that Nashville has the most significant country music scene globally and that many famous musicians started their careers there.

Country music includes genres such as: 

  • Country
  • Bluegrass
  • Blues Country
  • Honky Tonk
  • Country Rock

Some of Nashville’s most famous country musicians include Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Dolly Parton. These artists performed all over Nashville, gaining fame and engraving their names in the history of country music forever.

The Ryman Auditorium is a popular music venue in Nashville that used to host the Grand Ole Opry. The Country Music Hall of Fame is located in Nashville as well as the Bluebird Cafe, where Taylor Swift was first discovered.

Country Music Hall of Fame

The Country Music Hall of Fame includes galleries, archives, classrooms, shops, and music venues. You can learn about country music’s rich history and watch live performances.

It opened on 1 April 1967 and is home to one of the world’s most extensive music collections, which include: 

  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Musical instruments
  • Costumes
  • Sheet music
  • Books
  • Vehicles

It soon outgrew its original premises and had to be moved to a bigger facility in May 2001.

One of the biggest honors a country musician can receive is to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Some of the amazing country music artists that have been inducted include:

  • Hank Williams
  • Johnny Cash
  • Loretta Lynn
  • Elvis Presley
  • Dolly Parton
  • Garth Brooks

Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Nashville. It has been running since 1925, having started as a radio show that evolved into a stage show.

Artists like Loretta Lynn, Trisha Yearwood, and Emmylou Harris performed at the Grand Ole Opry, which was situated at the Ryman Auditorium. In 1975 it moved to the Grand Ole Opry House but still performs at the Ryman Auditorium yearly.

The Parthenon

The Parthenon is a museum in Nashville that opened in 1931 and is the only exact replica of the Parthenon in Greece. 

It hosts exhibitions and galleries which teach visitors about the ancient Greeks.

The Parthenon in Nashville was initially built as a temporary structure and was not an exact replica of the Parthenon in Greece. The sculptures were made of plaster and quickly deteriorated and broke.

The Parthenon itself was extremely popular and drew a lot of tourists, so the plaster sculptures were torn down and replaced with permanent, exact replicas created from concrete.


The Sam Phillips Sun studio is a National Landmark situated on Beale street. It is a music studio where many famous musicians recorded their albums, launching their careers. Musicians like Aretha Franklin, Percy Sledge, and Elvis Presley started their careers in Memphis.

Memphis was founded on 22 May 1819, and it’s located along the Mississippi River. It is famous for blues music and is host to celebrations such as the Beale Street music festival. 

It is also known for being the town where Elvis started his music career. Memphis hosts many festivals and events each year, including: 

  • Memphis in May
  • The Great river run
  • Africa in April Cultural Awareness Festival
  • The Memphis International Film and Music Festival

Blues Music

Memphis Blues is a music genre that was created in the 1910s. It was predominantly performed on Beale street but grew in popularity over time and is still listened to today. Some famous blues musicians include Howlin’ Wolf, B.B. King, Elvis Presley, and Pat Hare.

W. C. Handy self-published his song called Memphis Blues in 1912. You can listen to it on this YouTube video.

Graceland & Elvis

Elvis Presley is known worldwide, and years after he passed away, people are still listening to his music.

Elvis Presley, also known as the King of Rock and Roll, was born on January 8, 1935. He sold over 500 million records and has won numerous awards with his music, a mixture of country and blues. 

At the young age of 42, Elvis passed away.

Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi but moved to Memphis, Tennessee, at 13. Growing up, he was a shy child that was bullied at times. He didn’t sing in public often and failed music class in school. 

Elvis couldn’t read music and learned to play guitar by ear. Interestingly, he once entered a singing contest at a fair and placed fifth.

Elvis grew up loving music and started his singing career in 1954. Not everybody loved his music immediately, but he became immensely popular and recorded numerous hit songs, including: 

  • Can’t Help Falling in Love
  • Always on My Mind
  • Hound Dog
  • Love Me Tender 
  • Blue Suede Shoes
  • Jailhouse Rock

He also starred in a couple of movies, such as Love Me Tender and Follow That Dream.

Elvis bought Graceland in March 1957 and completed several renovations on it to create the 23-bedroom mansion that is now a museum and National Historic Landmark.

On May 1, 1967, Elvis married Priscilla, and she gave birth to his daughter Lisa Marie on February 1, 1968. 

Elvis and Priscilla’s marriage started falling apart, and before their divorce was finalized on October 9, 1973, he had overdosed twice on barbiturates. His health continued to deteriorate because of prescription drug abuse and bad eating habits. 

His final concert was in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977. Elvis passed away on August 16, 1977.

Beale Street Historic District

Beale Street Historic District is a popular tourist attraction that has a huge cultural presence and was named a National Historic Landmark on May 23, 1966. There are numerous bars, churches, businesses, and music venues in the district that draw crowds of people. 

The Orpheum Theater and Hard Rock Cafe can be found here.


Knoxville is home to popular tourist attractions like the Bijou theater, the Knoxville Botanical Gardens and Arboretum, and the Knoxville Museum of Art.

Knoxville was the first capital of Tennessee and is famous for its bluegrass and country music scene. Some famous artists from Knoxville are Flatt & Scruggs, Homer & Jethro, and the Everly Brothers. The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra started in 1935 and still exists today.

Knoxville hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year, such as:

  • Christmas in the city
  • Brewfest
  • EarthFest
  • East Tennessee history fair
  • Knoxville biscuit festival


Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey is the most famous and popular whiskey globally. Tennessee whiskey has strict standards that distillers must adhere to and can only be manufactured in Tennessee. It has a rich flavor and a light and smooth texture.

It is made with corn and other grains such as barley, wheat, and rye, and is aged in charred oak barrels to achieve the smokey taste. It can be consumed straight, on the rocks, or mixed.

Dolly Parton

Born January 19, 1946, Dolly Parton grew up to be a country singer and songwriter. She is one of 12 children and grew up living next to the Great Smoky Mountains. She has been nominated for numerous awards and is famous for songs such as: 

  • I will always love you
  • Jolene
  • Coat of many colors
  • 9-to-5
  • Hard Candy Christmas

Dolly Parton has a unique and unforgettable voice that sets her apart from other musicians.

She started singing at a young age and moved to Nashville after graduating high school, and on May 30, 1966, she married Carl Thomas Dean, who prefers to stay out of the public eye.

They don’t have any kids but are still married and renewed their wedding vows for their 50th anniversary. 

Dolly is Miley Cyrus’s godmother, who is also a famous singer.


The original park, Rebel Railroad, opened in 1961. When Dolly saw the park, she wanted to get involved and decided to buy an interest in Silver Dollar City. In 1986 the park was renamed Dollywood. Dollywood is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, and has 11 different themed areas, including: 

  • Show street
  • Craftsman’s Valley
  • Timber Canyon
  • Jukebox Junction

The park offers the following: 

  • Thrill rides
  • Crafts
  • Concerts
  • A waterpark
  • The Dollywood DreamMore Resort and Spa
  • Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Attraction

Aretha Franklin

The only woman ever inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Aretha Franklin is a legend in her own right.

Aretha Franklin was born on March 25, 1942, in Memphis, Tennessee. She is known as the “Queen of Soul” and is a talented singer, songwriter, and pianist. Aretha died on August 16, 2018, at the age of 76.

Some of Aretha Franklin’s greatest hits include:

  • I Never Loved a Man The Way I Love You
  • Respect
  • You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman
  • I Say a Little Prayer

Aretha has four sons, becoming pregnant with her first son at the age of twelve. Her second son was born on August 31, 1957. 

Theodore White was Aretha’s first husband and father to her third son. Her fourth son with her road manager, Ken Cunningham. Her second husband was Glynn Turman, but the marriage ended in divorce.

Aretha battled with her weight and was a chain-smoker before she quit in 1992. She also struggled with alcoholism. Aretha passed away in 2018, and the cause of death was a malignant pancreatic tumor.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

There are many National parks in America, but none as breathtaking as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to mountain ranges like Mount Le Conte, Clingmans Dome, and Mount Guyot, which are some of the highest mountain ranges in eastern North America.

The park is 522,419 acres (2114.15 sq km) and is home to around 1,500 bears and numerous species of birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Sightseeing is the park’s main attraction, but other activities, such as fishing, horseback riding, bicycling, and water tubing, can also be enjoyed.

Cades Cove

Cades Cove is located in a valley and surrounded by mountain ranges, making it the ideal place for wildlife viewing. You can hike, cycle, or drive to enjoy the views and relax at the campground.

Cades Cove is the most visited attraction in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It features historic buildings, including churches, a working grist mill, log houses, and barns.

Clingmans Dome

Clingmans Dome is easily accessible as a road leads up the mountain and to a parking area from where you can hike up to the summit.

It is the highest mountain in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with an elevation of 6,643’ (2,025 m). There is a steep hiking trail up to the summit where you can take in breathtaking views.

Lookout Mountain

In 1863 Confederate troops observed the Union army from atop Lookout Mountain, resulting in its name. Later in the year, Union troops took over the mountain.

Lookout Mountain is a tourist attraction rich in history. At the top of the mountain, there is a visitors center where you can learn about the battles surrounding the mountain and view interesting exhibits, paintings, and monuments. 

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls hosts the Ruby Falls Battle Below the Clouds BBQ cook-off every year. The falls are the deepest underground waterfall and are located in Lookout Mountain. After descending into the mountain in a glass elevator, you can explore the caves and enjoy some zip lining.

Tennessee Valley Railroad

The Tennessee Valley Railroad is a museum in Chattanooga. 

The museum was established in 1961 to preserve railroad equipment and has a fully functioning train repair workshop. It received a 4-acre (16,187.4 sq m) railway yard in 1969 and offers a 6-mile (9.7 km) ride and a day trip.

The Lost Sea Adventure

Within Craighead Caverns, there is an underground lake so big that not even experienced divers have been able to find the end.

The lost sea is the biggest underground lake in America. You start your adventure with a guided tour through the caverns, and when you reach the bottom of the cave, you can go on a boat ride on The Lost Sea, which is full of rainbow trout.

Once you are done with your underground adventure, you can enjoy a hike or stop at The Lost Sea village.

Here is a short YouTube video showing you the caves and underground lake.

“Southernism” (Southern Sayings)

Southerners have a unique way of talking that non-Southerners might find odd as they won’t always understand their sayings.

Here are some sayings, and their meaning, which Southerners often use.

  • Bless your heart: This is said when somebody says or does something that might be considered irritating or dumb.
  • Over Yonder: This is used when explaining direction. Usually, the person will point in the direction you have to go and say something like, “Over yonder, past the farm.”
  • She was madder than a wet hen: Used to describe somebody that was furious.
  • She’s as pretty as a peach: A compliment given to a pretty person.

Final Thought

Tennessee is an amazing town with a rich history. It is where country and blues music originated and home to many stars. Tennessee also has a lot of tourist attractions like The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and The Lost Sea Adventure. It is a beautiful place with something to do for everybody.