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Learning a new language is an amazing accomplishment and opens the world up to individuals in a way that only knowing a language can.

French is a great language to learn as there are French-speaking communities all around the world, with over 275 million speakers. Plus, it’s a language of romance.

Learning a new language helps strengthen your brain, creativity, confidence, memory, and will make the world more accessible to you.

French is the fifth largest language in the world for the total number of speakers.





City Where Population
Paris France"}”>France 11,017,000
Montreal Canada 4,221,000
Lyon France 1,719,000
Quebec City Canada 826,000
Geneva Switzerland 613,000
Brussels Belgium 2,081,000
Marseille France 1,608,000
Reunion Island French region 860,000
Cayenne French Guiana 139,000
Guadeloupe French region 395,000
Martinique French region 376,000
Noumea New Caledonia 182,000
Montpellier France 456,000
Lille France 1,058,000
Casablanca Morocco 3,716,000
Bordeaux France 957,000
Nice France 942,000
Strasbourg France 475,000

PARIS, FRANCE, 11,017,000

Of course, Paris is one of the best cities in the world to learn french. It is the city in the world that is the most quintessentially French city in the world and it is the capital of what it means to be french.

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And has to be one of the top picks when looking at where to go for a month or two to improve or learn french.



Montreal is one of the best cities in the world to learn french. It is Canada‘s largest French-speaking city.

The amazing city is bilingual with both English and French being used.

The city is full of amazing parks and packed full of entertainment. Montreal is a city full of students and artists alike. It is a perfect mix of American culture with a European flavor.

LYON, FRANCE, 1,719,000

Lyon is a great place to learn french as it’s the second-largest metropolitan area in France but is not as overrun by the millions of tourists as Paris.

This is a great place to learn French and truly experience French culture at its finest.

Learning French in Lyon will allow you to become fully immersed in the French language and culture. Which will greatly improve your ability to understand and communicate in French.


Quebec City is beautiful. The city resembles other European cities and feels as it could be in France itself.

Quebec is a great city to learn french as it has a large French-speaking population and good schools all there to help you improve your French language skills.

Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in Canada and is wonderful at all times of the year. Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer give the city into four different backdrops.

Learn French while enjoying a white Christmas, or pretend you’re in a medieval European city in the summer months with the cobblestone city center.


If you don’t want to learn french in France there are plenty of other European countries where it is still doable.

Geneva is in a french-speaking part of Switzerland. The city is a great place to learn french with a massive population of native French speakers and lots of sights and cafes. This is a perfect city for anyone looking to learn french while avoiding France.


Learning French in Brussels is a great choice. Belgium is famous for its beer, chocolate, and of course Pomme Frites (French fries).

Brussels is a good place to learn french because the city has lots of good schools and you will be totally immersed in the French language.


Marseille is one of France’s nicest cities and an amazing place to learn french. Marseille is an ancient city and was founded in 600 BC. The city is full of historical sites and also boasts an impressive old port. The city’s impressive monuments can be seen all around the city.

Learn french in a beautiful city like Marseille while drinking a coffee down in the old port and watching all the boats on the water.

Marseille has lots of french schools in the city. The city is one of France’s largest cities, so you will be totally immersed in the French language and culture while studying in this ancient city.


Reunion is a beautiful tropical island paradise. This Overseas Department of France is an absolutely amazing place to learn french. The Island is home to over 800,000 residents.

The island is a great place to practice your french with friendly locals and some breathtaking scenery.

The island has many different schools to take french lessons.

Then after class hangout on the beach, go surfing, or even swim with sea turtles. There are many different species of turtle that can be found off its coastal waters.


The only place in South America where you can learn french. French Guiana is an overseas department of France. It is one of the most developed countries in all of South America thanks to the french support.

French Guiana is still relatively untouched and is full of stunning natural beauty. The country is full of amazing flora and fauna as well as a magnitude of different animals all living within its borders and in its waters.

With a mix of cultures, French Guiana is a magnificent place to fully immerse oneself and embrace the French language.


Guadeloupe makes for a great place to break away from life and learn french. This island which is a region of France has many french schools which make learning the basics easy.

The island is still very french and has not become a Caribbean island destination overrun by America tourist yet. Adding to the desirability of escaping to a tropical island to practice your french.


France has an amazing collection of tropical paradises to study french. Martinique is one of them. This island in the Caribbean is a wonderful place to spend time learning french.

Martinique is a mix of cultures from around the world. Two of the biggest ones are the Caribbean and French culture.

The island is popular with many types of travelers looking to study up on their french. With lots of options for all travelers from luxury to budget.


Looking for that tropical escape because Paris is too cold in December? Head to New Caledonia and soak up some rays all while studying french on a beach.

The island is home to many beautiful features and stunning tropical beauty.

New Caledonia offers a beautiful setting to learn or improve upon your french. Sitting on a white sandy beach with palm trees and ocean blues, could it get any better?

The large island in the south Pacific has loads to keep you entertained.


Learning French in Europe is one of the best ways to pick up the language of love. Fully immerse yourself in French culture and language in Montpellier.

The medieval city of Montpellier is a beautiful city with old buildings, churches, and schools.

The city is home to a large student population which makes learning french in the city all that much more enjoyable.

Montpellier is one of the more affordable cities in France which is great for studying french on a budget.

LILLE, FRANCE, 1,058,000

Lille makes for a great place to learn french. The city is a student town and is a cultural hub.

The city is full of amazing art both modern and classical. Enjoy the delicious french cuisine and baked goods.

Lille boasts some of the best beer in France for those of you that enjoy practicing your french skills at the bar.


Africa is probably not the first place you would think of to learn french. However, Morocco has a large french-speaking population due to it being under a French protectorate.

Casablanca is an amazing hub of cultures and ethnicities all mingling and melding to create a very unique city.

Casablanca has an individualism that is hard to match.

Learning French in the city is affordable and lots of people speak the language. Plus, the food is amazing.


For anyone who loves wine and wants to learn french, look no further than Bordeaux. Home to some of the world’s best wineries.

The city has world-class museums, as well as spectacular architecture.

The city has many different schools to help with your french and the city is quite a bit cheaper than Paris for those studying on a budget.

NICE, FRANCE, 942,000

Sitting in the beautiful French Riveria, Nice is a glamorous city in the south of France.

Known for its beaches and dining options. Nice is a cheaper city to learn french than some of its more classy neighbor cities of Monaco or Cannes.

The southern french lifestyle, warmer weather, and great wine make studying in Nice a wonderful idea.


Strasbourg is a beautiful French city close to the border with Germany. The city has amazing architecture and vibrant culture.

The city is uniquely charming and is heavily influenced by both French and German culture.

The city also houses the European Parliament which draws people from all around Europe and the world.


There are lots of amazing French-speaking cities in the world. Studying French in a city or place where it is spoken day-to-day will greatly improve your comprehension of the language and the speed at which you learn.

Plus it’s a great excuse to travel the world!

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