It’s that time again where the city is in lockdown and we aren’t able to sit in a restaurant to enjoy a meal with friends. We can, however, still contribute to the economy and help out our local businesses by enjoying a meal in with family from our favorite restaurants.

The Best Takeout Restaurants in Montreal

According to a recent poll on Facebook, this is the list of the best restaurants for takeout in Montreal.

  • Restaurant Sandhu
  • Burrito Revolucion
  • Mae Sri Comptoir Thai
  • Ahi Poke
  • Satay Brothers
  • Lloydie’s St-Viateur
  • Palme
  • Fugazzi Pizza
  • La Cale
  • Maison du Mademoiselle Dumpling
  • Hoya Restaurant
  • Grillade Le Uptown
  • Bonjour Inde
  • Lakshana’s Chettinad

Restaurant Sandhu

This tasty Indian cuisine restaurant, located just off Mont-Royal on Avenue Papineau, boasts large dishes, delicious naan, and to die for Tikka Masala. Though at first glance, it looks a bit pricey (approx. $20/person,) each dish comes with rice and naan.

Make sure to try the samosas! They are mind-blowing. Nom nom nom!

Burrito Revolucion

Located in Hochelaga on Ontario St. Burrito Revolucion has build your own burritos that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. But they don’t just do burritos, they have tacos, burrito bowls, and more!

Grab a burrito and walk over to Parc Lalancette to enjoy your food in the park. Make sure to dress for the weather! 

Mae Sri Comptoir Thai

Located in the Milton Park area just off Parc Ave, Mae Sri is an absolute must-try restaurant for any Asian food lover.

The green curry and noodle soups are tasty crowd-pleasers and well as the chicken salad.

Ahi Poke

Ahi Poke has three locations, Mont-Royal, Little Italy, and Villeray. The poke here is one of the best in the city, with huge portions and delicious dishes. The price is great for the size and quality of the food.

Satay Brothers

Located on Notre-Dame St. in the heart of Saint-Henri, this is a local favorite for many. This Singaporean street food is a delight for the taste buds and is likely the best south east Asian food restaurant in all of Montreal.

It’s a popular spot, so make sure you call-in your order early!

Lloydie’s St-Viateur

Located in the Mile End district of Montreal, Lloydie’s makes awesome Caribbean food with tons of flavor. The portions are big and the spice level is just right. The jerk chicken plate is a great choice.

Plus eco friendly to go packaging!


Another Caribbean restaurant, but this one is located downtown on St Catherine’s.

The griot bowl is absolutely amazing and they have even done their own spin on it while still staying true to the traditional recipe. For a comforting dish, the mac and cheese is an absolute winner!

Fugazzi Pizza

Located across the canal in Pointe-Saint-Charles, the wood-oven pizza lives up to all of the hype. Served with delicious fresh ingredients with options for vegetarians and carnivores alike.

The pasta from Fugazzi is a must-try as well!

La Cale

Located on St Hubert, this eco-friendly spot has awesome felafels, poutine and an array of veggie and vegan friendly options. Their menu is full of healthy options as well!

La Cale is also working towards being 100%y zero waste.

The pumpkin poutine is a must try!

Maison du Mademoiselle Dumpling

This yummy dumpling restaurant is located on St Hubert and has hands down, the best dumplings in Montreal. They have lots of veggie and meat options as well as some non-dumpling dish options.

With reasonable prices and a good variety of dumping dishes to choose from, Maison du Mademoiselle Dumpling does it right!

Can’t speak highly enough about this spot!

Hoya Restaurant

Authentic Korean food located in the heart of the Plateau on Mont-Royal. The food always comes fresh, delicious, and with a little thank you note on the takeout box.

Try the kimchi jjigae and japchae!

Taverne Magpie

The Taverne Magpie is located in the Plateau, not to be mistaken for the Magpie Pizzeria in Mile End, which hasn’t been as good.

Taverna Magpie has delicious pizza at very reasonable prices. They currently have a deal for $25 for two pizzas that can’t be beat. The poutine is also a win here!

Grillade Le Uptown

Located in the Plateau on Mont-Royal, the Grillade Le Uptown has huge portions and low prices. Although it has a somewhat limited menu, the chef makes comfort food just right. From fried chicken, french fries, and uptown burger, to the poutine, chicken wrap, and tempura shrimp, everything on the menu is a good pick!

Bonjour Inde

Located in the Gay Village, this Indian food restaurant makes amazing traditional dishes that are mouth-wateringly delicious. This is one of the best spots for Indian food in Montreal.

The food is full of delicious flavor and fresh ingredients. It’s a local’s favorite and an absolute must-try for anyone that loves Indian food.

Lakshana’s Chettinad 

Another Indian restaurant, with two locations. One in the Jarry Park Extension district and the other in Cote des Neiges. Lakshana’s has authentic south Indian food that is sure to be a win for the taste buds.

The butter chicken is amazing as well as the Gobi Manchurian. The thali platters are big portions, well priced, and delicious.

It was hard to pick just 15 restaurants in all of Montreal that do the best takeout in the city. We hope you enjoy our top picks and have a chance to try each one.  
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