19 Must-See Waterfalls around the World

The world is a beautiful place. Oceans, Deserts, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Forests, and of course Waterfalls.

Waterfalls have captivated people for millennia and the world has some impressive spectacles. From falls that spill millions of liters over its banks, to falls that tower in the sky and others that offer a scenic swim under mother natures natural shower.

Waterfalls can be monstrous and powerful while others are simply trickling runoff no more than a stream. The world has many breathtaking waterfalls with some likely still awaiting discovery.

Waterfalls have been used as natural barriers and dividers in history and many nations today share these magnificent forces of nature with one another.

Here are our top 19 waterfalls you must see before you die.

Pictures of Niagara Falls in Canada and the USA

Niagara Falls, Canada / USA

Niagara Falls are probably some of the world’s most famous waterfalls in the world. Niagara Falls is made up of three waterfalls; Horseshoe Falls (Canadian Falls), American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. The largest of which is Horseshoe Falls.

The Niagara Falls sit on the border of the USA and Canada and is a massive force of nature with millions of liters of water flowing over its banks every year causing considerable erosion to the falls. A few feet every year.

Niagara Falls has been luring fans from around the world to see these great waterfalls. The falls are a great place to hang out for the day. Enjoy the splendor and beauty and watch as the light catches the mist in the air.

Some say that the Canadian side has the better views.

What do you think?

Pictures of Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina

Iguazu Falls, Brazil / Argentina

Iguazu Falls are one of the world’s greatest waterfalls, being the most visited falls in South America.

Not only is the waterfall massive and awe-inspiring but you are also in the amazon rainforest and the animals that live around the falls are amazing as well. You want to plan at least a whole day here, if not two, to take it all in.

The falls can be accessed through both Argentina and Brazil. Iguazu is one of the coolest waterfalls on earth and worth the visit.

Pictures of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, Zambia / Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is one of the world’s 7 Natural Wonders. Nothing compares to Victoria Falls as it is the world’s largest waterfall.

With a span of over 1,700 meters or just over a mile long, there are few words that can describe how remarkable this waterfall truly is.

Visit after the rainy season, the suggested time is February – May for the best views. Also, the falls and river provide some excitement for thrill-seekers, from white water rafting and of course the world-famous Devils Pool.

No trip to Victoria Falls would be complete without a dip in Devils Pool. This natural pool at the edge of the falls gives you butterflies in your stomach. Sitting on the edge of one of the world’s most powerful and beautiful waterfalls in the world is enough to make anyone nervous.

This is and will always continue to be a highlight of any traveler’s trip!

Picture of Ban Gioc Waterfall in Vietname

Ban Gioc Waterfall, Vietnam

Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of the coolest waterfalls in the world. This tropical waterfall has everything that you want while visiting a tropical paradise.

Ban Gioc is the largest falls in Vietnam and one of the largest in Asia, spanning as long as 300 meters and dropping up to 30 meters in some spots.

This place is not talked about much even when in the country and is overlooked by many travelers of Southeast Asia. The remoteness of the waterfall makes it a great place to escape the large tourist crowds.

Picture of Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park is not just a single waterfall, but a collection of terraced lakes connected by waterfalls. One of the most beautiful national parks in Europe and the world.

Plitvice Lakes National Park leaves you breathless with the blues of the water and is a true escape. The beauty of all the colors that surround the park captivate tourists from around the world.

The park has gained such a reputation for its stunning beauty that it now welcomes over a million visitors a year. 

The scenery is so beautifully wonderful that it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The hiking around the falls and lakes is hard to rival in Europe! This is a must-stop destination while in Croatia. 

Angel Falls

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls is a spectacle if you ever get the chance to visit and see. Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall plunging over 800 meters and standing at almost a kilometer tall.

Angel Falls is that beacon in the rainforest. The falls are fairly difficult to get to and take multiple day trips to get to them by boat.

What makes Angel Falls one of the world’s most special waterfalls is how alone you are with it. No Crowds, No other Tourists, just your guide, and fellow travelers in your adventure. That is part of what makes this waterfall excursion so great.

The photo opportunities and the sounds of the jungle are remarkable and there’s nothing quite like it out there. It’s surreal.

Havasu Falls in the USA - Coolest hidden waterfalls

Havasu Falls, USA

Havasu Falls is one of those places that wanted to remain a secret. This is one of the best waterfalls in the world because it is so untouched.

The area around the falls is an amazing place, one that is not easily accessible as it is situated in the Grand Cayon and is recommended that you take an overnight hike to the falls.

The falls requires you to obtain a permit to access the park and falls. It is not an easy journey to this majestic waterfall famous for its turquoise waters and fantastic swimming hole.

Stay awhile and get lost in this magical part of America.

This is one waterfall that can not be missed.

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Multnomah Falls USA - One of the most romantic waterfalls in the world

Multnomah Falls, USA

Multnomah Falls is probably one of the most romantic waterfalls in America if not the world, making it one of the best waterfalls to get away with a loved one.

The waterfall is a must stop while in the Portland area of North-West United States. There is a certain charm that makes it one of the best waterfalls in the United States, as well as a top waterfall for the world.

It has to be one of the most picturesque photo ops out there. The area around the falls is great for a day trip outside of the city and to lose yourself in the Rocky Mountains.

The area is a great hiking spot with a few different trails which all offer something special.

Tinago Falls in the Phillipines

Tinago Falls, Philippines

Tinago Falls is one of the best swimming holes in the world. The enchanting beauty of the falls captivates travelers.

The falls make you think your lost in the jungle and conjures up feelings that you’re in a tropical paradise. There is also a bamboo raft, as well as some other amenities.

The falls are incredibly majestic, but watch out for slippery rocks as some have been hurt here. The fun can get out of hand!

Seljalandsfoss Falls - One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world

Seljalandsfoss Falls, Iceland

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world and certainly one of the most photographed, Seljalandsfoss is one of Iceland’s most famous and recognizable waterfalls.

The scenic beauty of the waterfall is hard to beat. It’s as if you’re in a real-life fairy tale.

Seljalandsfoss is one of the rare waterfalls in the world where you can actually tour behind the waterfall to get a whole other view.

Seljalandsfoss is one of the best waterfalls in Iceland and a favorite of many travelers. Look for the rainbows that are known to frequent the falls and enjoy the sight of Aurora Borealis at night over the falls for something even more memorable.

Kuang Si Falls Laos

Kuang Si Falls, Laos

One of the best waterfalls in the world to just jump in and take that dip.

Probably one of the most inviting waterfalls on the list, Kuang Si Falls offers travelers that tropical waterfall fantasy that will last in your dreams for the rest of your life. It is a great place to swim and hang out for the day.

The park has special meaning for some of the local people in the area. Please respect the signs, as some of the pools are sacred to some of the locals.

Kuang Si is one of the coolest waterfalls in Southeast Asia, making it one of the places that you go home and tell your friends and family about for years to come.

Upper Waikani Falls - Coolest waterfall in maui

Upper Waikani Falls, Maui, USA

Not the largest of all fo the falls, but the ability to swim in the water and play on the falls make it a great day trip and the perfect addition to this list.

Upper Waikani Falls is just off the Highway to Hana and is kind of rough getting down to it. This is a must-stop while on the Road to Hana in Maui. This Highway on Maui is famous for its beauty. This part of the island is home to many waterfalls and is a must for any trip to Maui.

You will need to have a car or rent one, to access these falls. Upper Waikani Falls appear from nowhere while driving, so be on the lookout. We recommend not going on weekends as it will be very busy.

This is a truly special place on an already special island. Once you get down to the falls you can swim and play in the tropical waterfall. What’s better than that while on vacation?

Waimoku Falls - Coolest waterfalls in hawaii

Waimoku Falls, Maui, USA

Maui is one of the world’s most gorgeous islands in the world. Ocean blues and green lush jungle make it a true wonderland.

Maui has incredible waterfalls throughout the island. Waimoku Falls is one of the best waterfalls on the island. The falls are in Haleakalā National Park, the park is home to many waterfalls.

The trek to the waterfall is about 4 miles up a trail and through a bamboo forest which is remarkable when the wind blows the sound is quite a unique sound and at the end of the hike is the amazing Waimoku waterfall.

Take a few days to enjoy all that the park has to offer from the famous Haleakala Crater and the 7 Sacred Pools.

Tegenungan Waterfall - Coolest waterfalls in Bali

Tegenungan Waterfall, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is known around the world for being a perfect holiday destination for any world-traveler.

Bali has attracted millions to the island. Some of the big draws for tourists are the green tiered rice paddies, the sandy beaches and of course the world-famous surfing.

Bali also has some hidden treasures such as Tegenungan Falls. This falls may not be gigantic like some others on the list but offers travelers the escape they crave while traveling.

It offers a sense of adventure, and some playtime in the cascading falls which is a great place to cool down in the tropical heat of Indonesia.

Cascate Del Mulino, Italy

This is a natural thermal spring that has created cascading pools connected by waterfalls.

It’s the perfect place to get out of the rat race and hustle and bustle of city life and relax in these special pools. The water is a little on the hot side with popularity increasing in the winter when the weather is a little colder and the water is a nice heat.

Best to explore during the week as the weekends tend to get a little busy. There is local food and bar nearby, free entry and parking near the site.

Cascate Del Mulino feels more like a free spa day than anything else but it’s super nice and incredibly relaxing. It’s a must-stop tourist spot while in Italy.

Josephine Falls Australia

Josephine Falls, Queensland, Australia

Josephine Falls in Australia is one of the great watering holes that you dream about hanging out at for the summer. Josephine Falls offers a sense of wanderlust.

The natural rock waterslide makes it truly special. Just a short drive from Cairns, it is one of the top waterfalls in Australia to hang out at, swim, and cool off in the hot heat of Australia. 

Bring your own snacks and food and make a day trip out of it. Well worth the detour while visiting Australia.

Tat Sae Waterfall

Tat Sae Waterfalls, Laos

One of the best and coolest waterfalls in the world. This magical place with multiple levels of teared waterfalls and pools to swim. There is also a nice sun bear sanctuary incase the awesome waterfalls was not enough to keep you intertated for the day. The falls are great anytime of the year but know that the water levels will vary on time of year (i.e. rainy season vs dry season). Tat Sae Waterfall is a place where you come to get lost in the blue waters and the tropical rainforests of Laos. Make sure to explore as the there are many areas to hangout and enjoy your own personal waterfall for a day. 

Salto Del Limon Waterfall - Top Waterfalls in the World

Salto del Limón, Dominican Republic

Salto Del Limon is a beautiful waterfall that is a perfect spot for taking pictures and enjoying a dip in the water. Plus, there are a few other falls on the way to the up to this spot.

The falls offer one of the world’s best waterfall swimming holes. It is best accessed during the morning as if you stay too late it becomes difficult to get out after the sunsets and the weather can be unpredictable.

The falls are secluded and offer a lovely private escape as it is not too popular with tourists as it is quite remote.

This is one of the world’s more beautiful waterfalls! 

Semuc Champey Waterfall Gautemala

Natural Monument Semuc Champey, Guatemala

One of the most beautiful places in Central America. This spot offers cliff jumping, mountain views, and gorgeous water with a beautiful turquoise color. What more can you ask for when looking for a waterfall?

It takes about 30 minutes to access the water and is famous for its limestone bridge.

The cascading falls makes for some of the best days lounging without a care in the world. Breathtaking views are everywhere you look, it’s remarkable that this place isn’t more well known.

The falls is kind of out of the way but well worth the trip. It is one of the few still hidden gems in the world.

The world is a beautiful place and waterfalls give it that fairy tale ambiance. Waterfalls can be plenty of things, from the mega power of Victoria, Niagara, and Iguazu Fall to some of the more laid back ones that you can get caught skinny dipping in like Semuc Champey and Upper Waikani Falls.

Some travelers want to feel the water rushing over there bodies and others want to appreciate their sheer scale.

Be sure to tag us in your waterfall adventures! @Lyfepyle

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