The Ultimate Gift Guide for Hikers 

We all have those outdoorsy people in our life, the one that spends every weekend, or free day, driving hours to get to an obscure trail. I am even one of those people myself! But it can be a struggle to come up with the perfect gift idea for the avid hiker in our life.

This gift guide will help give you the perfect gift idea for this person. Whether they are a day time hiker or overnight backpackers. 

Water Filtration Straw

A water filtration straw is key when it comes to safe hiking. Water is the number one resource that we need access to for our survival after all. There are multiple brands out there, I personally own the Life Straw, and it’s never done me wrong, therefore it’s what I recommend. 

Get it on Amazon here.

Water Purification Tablets

An alternative to the water filtration straw. Purification tablets are an absolute necessity for anyone going on longer hiking trips. Regardless if you trek in your own water or not, these can be a lifesaver in case of emergency. I like the Potable Aqua tablet as you get a lot for a very affordable price. 

See on Amazon here.

Hydration Bladder

More on the subject of water. Every avid hiker needs a hydration bladder! It’s a BPA free plastic bag filled with water and a long tube straw for water on the go. For shorter day hikes, I like to fill mine with lemon and mint for extra flavor. This 3-liter pack comes with all the cleaning utensils as well.

See it here on Amazon.

Action Camera

An action camera can make hiking and exploring the wilderness that much sweeter. To come home and be able to look at the footage and share it with friends is the cherry on top of an already epic adventure. We absolutely love our GoPro, and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone thinking of purchasing an action camera. There more affordable options out there too, but we stand by the GoPro.

Check out the GoPro here.

Flexible Tripod

If the hiker in your life enjoys taking photos and videos while out adventuring in the great outdoors, a flexible tripod is a great gift idea for them. It’s easy to use and pairs with a smartphone, action camera, or digital camera easily and efficiently.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Power Bank

A great gift idea for hikers and backpackers is a power bank to keep their electronics charged! Whether it’s their phone, GoPro, Fitbit, or digital camera. This power bank is solar-powered, making it a great buy for someone who loves to hike in the sunny summer months.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Sports Watch

The Garmin Instinct watch tracks altitude, GPS, and heart rate. It has a compass, is water-resistant, and can hook up to your smartphone! This watch could be a hiker’s best friend.

See it on Amazon here.


If an epic sports watch is a little too epic of a gift for the hiking enthusiast in your life, a fitbit could be the perfect alternative.

There are multiple different types of fitbits, from those that only track your steps and tell the time to more complex tracking features such as heart rate, sleep, and specific activities.

See the Fitbit store here.

Waterproof Dry Sack

The perfect gift idea for the hiker who doesn’t let the rain stop him/her! These sacks are perfect for keeping electronics, clothes, or anything else that you wouldn’t want to get wet. They come in multiple sizes from 10-55 liters. The Earth Pak also comes with a separate case for your phone.

Check out the Earth Pak on Amazon here.

Day Pack

Every hiker needs a nice day pack for those shorter trail days. You can fit everything you need in a simple day pack, from your camera, phone, and snacks, to some survival and first aid kit necessities. I like the Osprey brand for their quality and reasonable prices.

See this bag on Amazon here.

Survival Bracelet

These little bracelets are a pretty genius gift idea for hikers. This bracelet comes with a compass, paracord, a whistle, a fire starter, and a scraper for tinder. If your hiking buddy is ever in an emergency, this simple bracelet could help them to survive the wilderness.

Check them out at this link here.

First Aid Kit

Safety is a big deal for hikers. It’s important to pack the basics even for small hikes, as accidents and injuries can happen anywhere. A small first aid kit is essential for any hiker to bring with them every time they go out exploring. This small, lightweight, first aid kit will fit into a day pack without taking up any unnecessary space. It comes with 100 different inclusions, from a safety guide to safety pins, gauze pads, blister pads, and an emergency blanket.

Get it here.

Fire Starter

You may be noticing a safety trend going on here. Staying safe when exploring the outdoors is no joke. That’s why we recommend this fire starter. It’s lightweight, simple, and easy to use. Forget matches that are useless once damp. This is weather-resistant and comes with a few extra features, like a ruler, bottle opener, and hex wrench to name a few.

Buy it on Amazon here.


More safety gift ideas for hikers! A multitool can be extremely useful while out in the bush. This one comes with a mini hammer, a hatchet, a saw, an axe, a screwdriver, and more. A very useful tool for any hiker or backpacker!

Get it here.

Pocket Knife

Another essential when it comes to hiking safety. This knife is simple, compact, and packs a mean punch when needed. It has a three-inch blade, which is perfect for pretty much anything you might need it for while on the trail. It also has a lock to keep it open when in use.

Check it out here.


With all the high tech gadgets and do-dads out there this practical, simple, compass is often overlooked. Yet it is still essential for any wilderness explorer. This compass is fairly simple, it comes with a ruler and scale for reading maps. It also comes with a lanyard for easy portability. 

Get it here.


Some hikers love to go for night time hikes, while others sometimes don’t give themselves quite enough time to get back before dark. Whatever the reason, it’s important to carry a light with you on hikes, a headlamp makes this effortless and handsfree.

This headlamp is water-resistant, provides multiple different types of light, from low, high, wide, red, and green light options. It provides up to 50 hours of light and can light up to 85 meters in front of you. It’s a winner!

Buy it on Amazon here.

Water bottle

A water bottle is a must for all hikers, outdoorsy people, and, well, just about everyone else. This is a collapsible water bottle, making it extra compact and easy to pack around once empty. It also has a hook to easily attach to the outside of a hiking day pack. 

Get it here.

Emergency Blanket Poncho

A little spin on the usually emergency blanket. Your hiker friends will retain 90% of their body heat with this poncho gift. It’s also reflective so they can be seen at night. 

Check it out here.



A thermos can carry hot or cold liquids for hours without losing heat or melting ice. After a long day of hiking, nothing is better than ice water. And if you’re backpacking and doing overnight hikes, a hot cup of hot chocolate by the campfire at night is amazon. Not to mention a hot cup of coffee in the morning!

Get this classic thermos on Amazon here.

Hiking Socks

There’s nothing quite as simple and sweet as the gift of socks. A good pair of socks that are meant for getting outdoors is a great gift to get and give. These socks have stylish outdoor designs, are moisture-wicking, warm, and comfortable. 

Get them here.


Hammocks are a great gift for hikers and overnight backpackers. Not to mention picnickers and parc goers. There are always people setting up their hammocks for the day at our local parks. This hammock comes with easy set up, a compact and lightweight pack, and a very affordable price tag. 

Buy it here.

Thermal Underwear

When hiking in the colder months it’s crucial to keep your body heat up and stay warm. This can be fairly easily achieved if you keep moving and dress for the weather. Thermal underwear helps to keep your body warm, without overheating. Plus you can get some really cute designs out there!

Check out the Kari Traa Store on Amazon here for thermal options.

Hiking Guide Book

It can be hard to get to know all of the trails in and around a city or town. Buy a local guide book with hikes around town for your giftee to check out. They can work their way through all of the hikes in the book and pick and choose their favorites. It’s hard to recommend one book of hikes, as everyone is situated in different places. However, this books if full of parks to explore all over North America, making it a bit of a bucket list hiking challenge. 

Check it out!

Biffy Bag

Okay, this is a bit of a gag joke, but it’s practical none the less! This is a lightweight portable washroom for on the go. The Biffy Bag has extra layers for odor-proof protection, so no one has to worry about smelling things later. 

Check it out here.

Hand Warmers

It’s so important to stay warm while out in the wilderness, that’s why reusable hand warmers make a great gift for any hikers. These reusable hand warmers stay warm for about 30 minutes and are easily activated by clicking the little metal piece inside. They simply need to be boiled to be reset.

Buy them here.

A picture of a custom enamel mug from Etsy - Gift ideas for hikers

Enamel Mug

These camping mugs are the perfect gift for any overnight hiker. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning before packing up camp to trek on!

I love these personalized enamel mugs from the Odysea Etsy Store.

Get it here.

Plant Identification Book

It’s so important as a hiker, to be aware of your surroundings. And to be aware of what you can and can not use to assist you in rough times in the woods. It’s also a lot of fun to know which plants are medicinal, what you can munch on while you walk, and what you should stay away from.

Depending on location, there are many different types of plants, and therefore different books for different regions. This book is a great beginner book that will cover a vast array of plants that will be dominant in whichever area you are in.

Buy now here.

Pee Funnel

If your hiking giftee is female, she may appreciate a pee funnel. Squatting to pee is not an easy task, especially after a full day or two of hiking and your legs feel like jelly! Give her the gift of relief with a pee funnel.

Buy it on Amazon here.


While we’re on this topic, wipes can be a hiker’s best friend when it comes to sanitation in the woods. These Venture Wipes are biodegradable and come with tea tree oil.

Check it out here.


Any winter hiker needs a good pair of clamp-on ice and snow spikes. These crampons make trekking in the snow and on ice a breeze. This is the perfect gift for the winter time hiker.

Get it here.


Most hikers also enjoy snowshoeing, but often don’t have the necessary equipment. Snowshoes. It’s a simple fix! Help them out and get them the equipment they need to go snowshoeing. 

Buy it here.

Trekking Poles

Poles can be a lifesaver on those longer, multi-day, hikes. These poles are durable, lightweight, and come with multiple tips for different types of terrain. They are also very affordable. 

Get them here.

Rain Jacket

No hiker is complete without a proper rain jacket. I prefer a light shell to protect from the weather that is breathable and retains body heat nicely. This Columbia jacket is exactly that and comes with multiple color options.

Get it here.


When out in the wilderness it’s easy enough to keep our core warm, but sometimes the extremities, such as our hands, can get quite chilly. Be sure that the outdoorsy person in your life has a good pair of mittens or gloves. I prefer something lightweight that has a fingerless option. 

Check these out.

Energy Bars

When planning hikes through the woods, it’s important to bring snacks and have enough in case of any kind of emergency. Clif bars are great and they come in a variety pack to try multiple flavors.

Buy them here.

Camping Meals

Freeze-dried food isn’t always the most appealing, but after a long day hiking, it can be the best thing! Omeals has done their own spin on freeze-dried food. Just add water, activate the heat pack, and it heats and cooks itself! How could it be easier?

Get it here.


A simple lightweight beanie can really help when trekking through this wild, wild world. Merino wool is warm and breathable and doesn’t itch, making it the perfect beanie to gift to a hiker in need of some head wear.

Get it here.

Neck Gaiter

A neck gaiter can help to protect the neck from wind chill, rainfall, sun, and bugs. Making this a staple for any hiker. A simple gaiter is all that is needed. These gaiters are warm, breathable, and come in many different colors and designs. 

Check them out here. 


Eye protection is crucial when braving the great outdoors. From bugs to rain and sun, sunglasses are multipurpose. These sunglasses are stylish and provide protection from all of the above.

Get them on Amazon here.

Lip Balm

A good lip balm with SPF is always an appreciated gift for any hiker. Lip balms are always being used up or go missing before you have the chance to finish them. 

This lip balm is SPF 30 and comes with aloe vera and vitamin E. It’s a win.

Buy it now


For shorter day hikes that may not require so many accessories, a simple waistpack is enough to carry everything that you need. 

The North Face has a great fanny pack that is lightweight, versatile, stylish, and comes in multiple colors. 

Check it out here. 

Hiking Boots

Most hikers already have a pair of boots. But are often always on the lookout for a new pair. I personally really like Columbia, Timberland, and Merrell brands for footwear.

Click here for the top Women’s Hiking Boots Amazon.

Click here for the top Men’s Hiking Boots on Amazon.

Quick Dry Towel

Whether they’re jumping into lakes and rivers or getting soaked in the rain. A quick-dry towel is essential for any hiker. They are light and compact and dry record fast. 

Get one here.

Leg Gaiters

When hiking in the rain, near rivers, or in muddy areas, leg gaiters can be a savior, especially on multi-day hikes. These gaiters are waterproof, adjustable, and come with their own storage bag. Plus three color options!

Get them here.

Food Dehydrator

This gift idea is to prep snacks for hikes. You can make dried fruit, crackers, chips, and so much more in a dehydrator. Rather than being dependant on the store-bought options, you can make your own snacks!

Get a dehydrator here.

Sleeping Mat

If your hiker is planning an overnighter, they are going to need a sleeping mat. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, they will be so tired from their hiking adventure, they will pass out once their head hits the mat. This lightweight and easily packable mat is all any hiker really needs.

Get it here.

Waterproof Journal

It can be really helpful while out and about on a trail to take notes or jot down any thoughts. Whether they’re profound realizations that need to be written down or lost to the void, notes about how to find their way back, or sketches of plants, this journal will be just the thing they need. 

Get it here.

Dog Harness Saddlebag

If your giftee hikes with their dog, they will have a much easier time if their dog carries their own weight. To lighten the load on their human, Fido needs a little backpack of his own! These harnesses are cute and take a load off their human companion.

Get it here.

Collapsible Water Bowl

Fido is going to need to rehydrate as well but may struggle drinking from a Lifestraw or water bottle. These collapsible bowls make it easy to stop and get Fido a sip of water anywhere on the trail. And they easily clip on to your pack or belt for a no-hassle grab mid-hike. 

Check it out here.

Hopefully one of these gift ideas for hikers piques your interest and you now know exactly what to get for the wilderness explorer in your life! 

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