One of the classic problems most of us face a few times a year. What gift do you get for him that he will actually like? When shopping for that perfect gift sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming. No matter who the lucky man is, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Boyfriend, Son, Partner. Whoever they may be one thing is clear they mean a lot to you so why not get them the best gift imaginable.

With so many different gifts out there from the tried and true socks, slippers, and clothing to more personalized gifts. Now there is the internet and an unlimited number of gifts you can get. Everything is at your fingertips so what are the best gifts that he will actually like.

Here’s our gift guide for him.

45+ Gift Ideas for Him


This one seems pretty simple but this can be one of the best gifts for any avid book reader. It can also the perfect gift for someone getting into their very first book.

There are so many different options now, with classic books of history, fantasy, self-published, best sellers, fiction, non-fiction, and the list goes on and on. Figure out what they would like and amazon has you coved.

If your stuck check out their best sellers here.

Electric Razor

The electric razor is one of the hardest gifts to nail. The technology has advanced leaps and bounds since they first hit the market. Regardless, the gift is great for that man that needs to shave daily. Ir takes the fuss out of the otherwise tedious task of shaving. This could be one of the best gifts that hair beast you call a man ever got.

Check them out here. 

Smart Home Speaker

With every appliance in the home quickly becoming smarter and more convenient. Smart speakers are a great addition to the home. These speakers have the ability to help you in many daily tasks, ask them what to make for dinner, what’s the weather outside, play my favorite songs and the list is continuously growing. They are handy little devices that are great even if it is just the music you are after.

Check out the best smart speakers here.

Firestick / Chromecast

These are for the people who still have an older TV that does not have the functions as a smart TV. Well now any TV with an HMDI port can become that smart TV he’s been wanting. They are great devices you can add all of your favorite apps to them like Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Peloton, and anything else available in the app store.

This is a great gift for the person who is still using that 10-year-old TV or that young adult who doesn’t need all the bells in whistles, these things are way more affordable than your average smart TV!

Get them here on Amazon.

Gaming System

This is every kid and a lot of grown men’s favorite gift. It was mine! The hours of fun to be had with the thousands of games that are offered provide endless entertainment for many people around the world.

They can be played solo or with friends or even with a person on the other side of the world! Which goes to show how connected we all really are.

Sony’s PlayStations, The Microsoft Xbox, or Nintendos Switch are just a few that any guy will love. I know I did.

Get them here.


This has to be one of the most essential inventions ever to hit the world. Humankind is forever changed because of these devices, and we are never going back.

Computers are a tricky item to buy as they can become obsolete in a few years depending on many factors such as what they are being used for, gaming business, etc.

A computer makes an awesome gift idea for him because they have thousands and thousands of uses and are so important in everyday life from school and work to pleasure and leisure.

One of the best gifts I ever received was a laptop from a company that loved and appreciated their employees. It changed my life for many years to come.

See the top-selling laptops on Amazon here.

See the top selling desktops on Amazon  here.

Musical Instruments

This can be one of the most life-changing gifts that someone can receive as this may send them on a path that was otherwise unknown to them. Some of the world’s best-known performers had received musical instruments as presents and the world has thanked thoughtful gift-giving parents, friends, aunts, uncles, and loved ones for changing our world and making it a more enjoyable place to live. Cause what are you the one person on earth who doesn’t love music!

Check out the best instruments and musical accessories here.

Smart TV

Smart TVs can be a great gift for a loved one especially for someone who has just moved out on their own or for that techy man who wants the latest technology.

Smart TVs can sell for around one hundred dollars into the thousands of dollars depending on the brand, size, and picture quality. With so many different options it’s easy to find the perfect one that suits the man you are buying for.

Smart TVs can also connect to other household items making them even smarter and more desirable.

See what’s available here.

Espresso Machine

This is that perfect gift for that man who considers himself a coffee connoisseur.

Espresso machines are even more affordable than ever before. They offer an awesome array of options from the potent espresso to lattes and beyond.

Espresso machines are the perfect addition to almost any household. With the different options out there from the pods to coffee grinds. Now you can have the best cup of coffee in the comfort in your own home.

See all the possibilities here.

Subscription Service

Subscriptions services are a part of everyday life now. We think its just a few serives but the list continues to grow as many companies change business models as it allows for continuous growth.

As more and more companies adopt this business model the bill continues to grow on us consumers as well, making it one of the best gifts to give because it can be a yearly present which makes it easier for you to know what to get the person year after year.

Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Adobe, etc, the list is easy to fill and is something that is always appreciated especially for the person who is a little unorganized or struggling financially.

Here is our top picks for streaming services to gift to him.


This is gift idea is for that stylish man in your life. After all, watches are an accessory that can make or break an outfit.

Watches can carry a hefty price tag with some watches costing upwards of a million dollars. That would be one hell of a gift! But we recommend something a little more reasonably priced.

There are hundreds of options out there that look like a million dollars but only cost a fraction of that.

We love the watch selection at Amazon here.


Sunglasses can be a great gift for him. They help protect your eyes and can be worn as a fashion statement. Sunglasses are also one of the most commonly lost items, making them needed quite often, and having an extra pair is a blessing.

A good pair of sunglasses can last for years and years if taken care of properly if they don’t get lost. And depending on where you live they might be needed for the whole year and not just for the summer.

We love Ray-Ban sunglasses as they’re made to last and look fantastic.

Check them out here!

Smart Home Appliances

These are some of the most popular home gifts from smart plugin outlets, smoke detectors, doorbells, thermostats, and the list goes on and is continuing to expand.

These can make the perfect gift for a new homeowner or even the first time renter moving out. These smart home appliances bring your household items into the 21st century. Whether you want to see who’s at your door or you forgot to turn does the heat when you left for vacation, these smart home appliances have got you covered. You can even play a game with your pet while you’re at work.

The possibilities are seemingly endless as they continue to roll out with new products all the time.

Click here to see the possibilities.

Smart Watch

Smartwatches are capable of so much more than just a normal watch that tells time. They are an addon to your smartphone.

Smartwatches can help with directions, find lost items, are fitness trackers, as well as a ton of other features that are continuously growing and expanding into new areas of everyday life.

Click here to see the smartwatches that are currently on the market.

House Coat / Bathrobe

What man doesn’t want to walk around the house pretending to be the late Hue Heffner. Ha!

But, in all seriousness, housecoats are amazing for getting out of the shower and staying warm or just lounging around the house in the morning or before bed in total comfort.

We all have lazy days why not be comfortable and looking good while you do it.

He is sure to feel cozy in one of these housecoats! Click here

Waterproof Shoes

These are cool and stylish and can fit into anyone’s wardrobe. They provide great protection from the elements outside and they are perfect for anyone who lives in a rainy or snowy city as they keep your feet dry and looking great.

Check out the best waterproof shoes here.

Soda Maker

Soda makers are an amazing gift for anyone looking to make there own drinks at home whether it is an alcoholic beverage, Italian soda, or even just sparkling water these are a great accessory to any home. They can make a fun afternoon even more refreshing or can make a tasty nightcap.

We have an awesome recipe for homemade orange cream soda using the Sodastream here.

Visit the Sodastream store on Amazon here.


This one we usually think more about women but there are a ton of jewelry gifts for men. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even tie clips and cufflinks all make your man look even more dasher. Long gone are the days where only the super-rich can afford luxury items now anyone can look amazing on a really tiny budget.

Check out what Amazon has to offer for men’s jewelry here.

Wine Lovers

Wine is more than just a fruity alcoholic drink, just ask any wine lover. There is a ton of gift options for that wine lover; decanters, aerators, bottle openers, glasses, and even a home winemaking kit.

A wine lover will be happy to receive any item that will enhance the wine experience so why not grab them something special, each wine needs its own separate tools white, red, and rosé you can’t wrong plus they will be way more willing to share with you the delicious nectar of the gods.

Check out these awesome decanters here!

Cutting Board

Cutting boards seem simple but yet add elegance to any home. They can be used simple as a cutting board (duh!) they can also make lovely serving dishes for some amazing charcuterie spreads. And they pair very nicely with wine.

Check out these boards at Amazon here.

Turntables / Record Players

We all know of that person who will only listen to vinyl records cause the sound is better, and they do have a point. Vinyl does have better sound quality than mp3s.

Record players and turntables provide an experience that digital music can not yet match. There has been a recent boom with more people turning to vinyl records.

With the popularity of record players coming back into the mainstream they have become more accessible and there’s some great options out there for anyone. 

Click here to what the most popular record players on the market today.


Board games have been around for a long time with some even dating back to 3000 years B.C. For good reason, they are a ton of fun to play. In recent years there has been even more game to hit the market some made by big companies and others being created by ordinary people as a hobby. Games like these can be for a wide age group from little kids to adults and everywhere in between.

Here are some of the bests games that are popular today!

Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books are a great way to unwind and get away from the hustle-bustle of daily life. Not to mention bring you back to a childhood like state.

There are so many adult coloring books out there to choose from, from images of purely adult content to mandalas and animals. There is something unique out there for everyone.

Check out Sara O’Hara’s great collection of coloring books for any irreverent adult by clicking here.

Custom Art

There are so many great sites to buy unique custom art. You can find amazing artists on Etsy, Zazzle, Society6 (get $10 off your first purchase using our link), and Designs by Humans.

Each site has beautiful unique designs and artists, you are sure to find something special just for him.

Custom art for men from Etsy
Art from Zazzle
Art for him from Society6

Bar Set

Looking for a great gift idea for him that everyone can enjoy? Who doesn’t love tasty cocktails at home? He can make all the cocktails and even invent his own with an awesome bar set. It’s an affordable gift for any aspiring mixologist and you can get some enjoyment out of it too.

Check out these bar sets on Amazon here.

Camping Gear

The perfect gift for hikers and outdoor lovers. Whether it’s a new hiking pack, sleeping bag, freeze-dried food, or even some outdoor potty equipment, any avid camper will love these gifts!

See more here.

Travel Luggage

A great gift idea for the travel lover and adventurer. Travel is a priority for so many people in the world. It’s the best way to experience different cultures and see what the world has to offer without picking up and completely moving your life to a new place. There’s an array of different travel bags out there, get the one that suits his needs most here.

See the top picks for travel luggage here.

Video Games

Whether he plays on the PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Wii, he is sure to love a new video game to get lost in and explore. Get him a multiplayer game so that you can join him or get him a game he can get lost in on his own.

We love games like The Elder Scrolls series, Zelda, Civilization, and the Final Fantasy series. While others love first-person shooters or group party games.

See what’s trending in games here.

VR Headset

Looking for the perfect gift for the tech enthusiast? A VR Headset is sure to put a smile on his face and keep him busy for hours.

A VR Headset also makes a great gift for quarantined travelers experiencing wanderlust. Now we can travel the globe through virtual reality and quench our thirst to see the world.

Check out more about VR headsets here.

Bamboo Products

Bamboo products are more environmentally friendly and bamboo fabric is crazy soft to boot. Whether it’s new bamboo sheets or a sweater, he’s sure to love it.

Not to mention bamboo products for your house, from flower pots to cutting boards.

Check out bamboo product from Etsy that he’ll love here.

Headphones / Ear Buds

Headphones and earbuds are an amazing gift for many different types of men from the physically active, the gamer, the music lover, and just about anyone who wants to listen to something without bothering the people around them.

The technology has become advanced and most new phones nowadays actually only work with a pair of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds making all of our old pairs useless especially if you want to charge your phone at the same time. Earbuds and headphones come in a huge selection making it easy to find that perfect pair no matter who you are looking for.

Check out the top picks for headphones here. 

Smart Charger/Charging Blocks

Whether you’re looking for a convenient charge on the go or a beautifully handcrafted charging dock to hold all his personal accessories at the end of a long day. There is lots to choose from.

Here are some great wireless charging stations from Amazon.

Here are the beautifully handcrafted docking stations from Etsy.

Charging dock from Etsy - Gift ideas for him

Magnetic Levitating Plants

House plants have been proven to boost your mood, help with air quality, reduce stress levels, and create a more livable space either at home or in an office. Now besides all the amazing benefits of plants, you can bring an incredible looking design aspect of plants to life.

These magnetic levitating plants provide all the health benefits plus they look amazing offering a device that is very unique and adds just that little bit extra that normal pots don’t quite have.

Check out these magnetic levitation plants here!

Cooking Equipment

Now, this gift is the one that is the gift that keeps giving. Getting a chef some needed equipment is like getting yourself the gift as well especially if they live with you or they have you over often.

The kitchen is a place to socialize and connect with loved ones and has been for centuries. Knowing the chefs cooking style will be needed for this one, if they like soups a slow cooker or thermomixer would be a good idea. The man with a sweet tooth may love the deep fryer or air fryer. And what kitchen isn’t complete without a nice set of knives. These can also be great for the loved ones that have just moved out on there own.

Check out these cooking appliances to give you some more ideas.

Spike Ball

You’ve probably noticed the droves of people at parks playing spike ball in just about every city. That game with four people surrounding a mini trampoline spiking a ball to each other.

It’s loads of fun! If he is into games, park days, beach days, or hanging out with friends in the backyard this game is sure to be a hit.

Get Spike Ball at this link on Amazon. 

Exercise Equipment

Are you looking to find the perfect gift for him without sacrificing personal wellbeing, health, and self-care? And with the current COVID situation, lots of gyms aren’t open or at a reduced capacity. Plus who wants to workout wearing a mask?

Exercise equipment may be the perfect gift to support him in his journey to better health.

Click here for an array of top quality exercise equipment that won’t burn too big a hole in your pocket.

Wireless Speaker

A wireless speaker is perfect for someone who loves park days, beach days, or hanging outside with friends. Or, really, just any music lover!

Here are the top wireless speakers on the market right now.

Home Studio Equipment

Home Studio equipment is kind of a broad statement but with more and more people working from home, creating their own content, and able to get their voices out there without the help of huge corporations. The home studio is how many people are able to do this now and for relatively cheap.

Whether your into video editing, filmmaking, music production, a YouTuber, video game streamer or what ever creative outlet that your into you need a space that works. This equipment can add up rather quickly making it hard for the artistic person to get it all. This is why it makes a great gift even a little peice of equipment in the right hands can turn a nobody into an internet sensation relatively quickly.

Studio monitors, lights, desk, audio interface, computer, computer programs, mic, and recovering device all make a home studio, gets expensive fast.

We have the M-Audio interface (see here) and get a lot of use out of it. As well as these Yamaha HS5 Monitor speakers (see here.)

We recommend both!

Video Camera

With the world turning more and more to visual media. A video camera could be the perfect gift for that aspiring filmmaker in the family. With tons of different options out there its easy to find an amazing camera with almost any type of budget. 

Click here to see the most popular video cameras on the market today.

Car Dash Camera

This is a fast-growing market with many new cars having some kind of camera as part of their construction. There are many countries in the world now that have made owning one in your car part of their law. Car dash cameras also provide the most accurate accounts of what happened in case of an accidental collision. Some have features that could even save one’s life. Some dash cameras now have motion sensors that can record while parked making them able to record a theft.

Check out the top 100 car dash cameras on Amazon right now.

Digital Camera

Not as popular as they once were due to the advancements in smartphones but they are still the go-to for capturing the most spectacular images that you still can’t get on many smartphones. 

A digital camera makes a great gift for any aspiring photographer. Anyone that is serious about taking amazing photos will want/need one of these cameras. The images that they provide are some of the most breathtaking out there. Plus, it is a little harder to lose your camera than your phone. Most of these digital cameras now have the ability to become video cameras which make them even more of a desirable gift.

We personally like the Canon cameras and have owned multiple, including a Canon rebel, which is an entry-level DSLR camera. Perfect for any newbie photographer.

Check them out here. 


For that stylish man in your life. Some men love their Footwear, and manage to grow quite a collection. If that describes the person you’re shopping for, this might just be the perfect gift for him.

Here are some of the most popular boots for men this season.

Printer / 3D Printer

This is not one of the most exciting gifts but depending on who it is, it could be an excellent gift for him.

Whether you want to print your own photos, looking for work, home art projects or a school assignment printers are needed for lots of occasions. Now lots of printers come with scanners so you can copy an image and create a digital copy as well. Or draw something, scan it in and create digital art.

Click here to see the printer options available on Amazon.

Did we mention that 3D printing have also become quite popular? You can now make hundreds of cool items without ever leaving home. He could make a toy for a young person or even a toy for yourself. Check out some of the things you can make here.

Click here for the top, consumer level, 3D printers on the market today.

Action Camera / GoPro

We may be a little biased, but this is one of the most fun gifts out there. Action cameras give us the chance to capture awesome clips from our lives.

Go Pro cameras are among the most popular on the market at the time but many companies have got in on the craze. They are amazing gifts for any sporty, active, thrill-seeker in your life. They can be attached to surfboards, skydiver helmets, bikes, snowboards, and almost anything that gets the adrenaline pumping. You can also get a harness that you can attach to yourself or even your furry friends.

Check out the Amazon GoPro store here.


Drones are one of the most popular gifts for that techy man in your life. They offer a wide variety of different options but all operate in similar ways.

Drones can be operated with a smartphone or similar smart device or can come with their own controller. Drones can have a built-in camera or can have a spot for you to attach your own.

They provide a different glimpse into the world which we see only from the ground now you can get a birds-eye view with ease. Great for videos and amazing photos.

With such a wide variety, they come in a multitude of different price tags from under a hundred dollars to well into the thousands of dollars.

Check out the top 100 drones on Amazon here.

We hope you’ve found something of value in this gift guide for him.

The perfect gift is different for everyone as each and every one of us has our own tastes, hobbies, and interests. Hopefully, you have been inspired and have found the perfect gift for him. 

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