Whether you have a super niched down shop or a shop full of any and every design you’ve ever made, collections can be a great way to showcase some of the products and designs that you are proud of.

Creating a collection is really easy and can help to boost your Zazzle sales. Check out the steps below to get a complete walkthrough of how to create a collection and how it will help you make money money on Zazzle. 

How to Create a Zazzle Collection and Add Products

There are two ways to create a new collection in your shop.

1) You can go to the Collections tab on the top of your shop menu and select add new collection.

See images below.

How to add a collection to your zazzle store
Add New Collection to Zazzle Shop

From here you will need to name your collection, add come tags, and a description.

To add products to the collection, you will need to go back to the Products section. 

Products section of Zazzle

Click actions at the bottom right of that product, and select “add to collection.”


Add Product to Collection in Zazzle


You can select multiple products by checking off the boxes to the top left of each product.

Add Products to Collection on Zazzle

2) The second way to create a collection is to follow the steps for adding products to a collection and creating a new collection at the same time. 

So when you select “Add to Collection” you can type in a new collection to create.

Add A New Collection to Zazzle Store

If you go this second route, you will want to go back to the collections tab at some point and add the tags and descriptions to your new collections later on.

Benefits of Collections for your Zazzle Store

Now that you understand how to create collections you may be wondering why you should do this. 

It’s quite simple, when customers click on a product that is a part of your collection, they will be shown more products from that collection on the product page. 

See this example below.

Products from this collection

How to Organize Zazzle Collections

You may be wondering how you should organize these collections and the answer is that it is totally up to you!

You can choose to organize collections by product type, by design, or by niche.

For example, you can create a collection specifically for mugs and/or drinkware. Or if you have a specific graphic or pattern that you like you can make a collection to display particular designs. Or you can make a collection for specific niches, for example, cats, dogs, or tennis.

You can organize the products within each collection by going to the collection from the collection tab and hitting the Organize button.

Organize Collections in Zazzle

You can also organize how your collections appear in your shop by going to the Collections tab and hitting Organize.

How to Organize Collectionsin Zazzle

How To Display Collection on Your Storefront

You can also display collections on your storefront to make it easier for customers to navigate your shop.

To do this, go to the settings tab, select Advanced Setting, and click Add Collections to the Visibile Sections.

Add Collections to Zazzle storefront

More on Zazzle Collections

You can add the same product to multiple collections, so test a few different styles of collections out and see what works best for you! 

In order to “complete” your shop according to Zazzle, you will need a minimum of 10 collections. 

You can add products from your other Zazzle shops to your collections.

Zazzle Collections VS Zazzle Categories

Using Zazzle categories is another way to customize the look and organization of your store.

The main difference between collections and categories is that each product can be assigned to multiple collections, but only one category. And that you can’t add a collection within a collection, however you can have as many subcategories as you’d like.

For example, you could have a pillow category with a monogram subcategory and then categorizing it further by initial, name, full name, etc. You could categorize it even further by color.

So it would be Pillows -> Monogram -> Initials -> Pink

You could also make a collection specifically for Pink Monogram Pillows.

You can also display categories on your storefront and even add a display image to them. 

Hopefully this has been helpful to you and you can now see the value of creating collections for your shop. 

For more information on making money with Zazzle click here for our database of articles. 

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