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Is Creative Fabrica Worth it? 

Whether you are selling low content books on Amazon, print on demand products on Redbubble, Zazzle, or Etsy, or selling printables on Etsy or your own Shopify store, you may be wondering if Creative Fabrica can help you generate more sales by saving you some time in the design process and downloading graphics and fonts right from their platform


In a word, yes! Creative Fabrica is absolutely worth the money. I have had the monthly subscription since November of 2020 and I won’t be canceling it any time soon. Now let’s take a look at some of the things that make Creative Fabrica worth it.


If you read to the bottom I have a bonus for you! 


Is Creative Fabrica Legit?

Yes, Creative Fabrica is totally legit and I have been using it without issue since the Fall of 2020. I highly recommend it if you are selling print on demand products or printables.


Creative Fabrica for Print on Demand

Creative Fabrica has a great license for print on demand use. They have two different licenses for print on demand through their subscription, the basic and the full. 


Just a quick disclaimer: It’s important to read through these licenses on your own as they are subject to change and I am not a lawyer. You need to do your own due diligence and understand the license and I am not responsible for making sure you follow the rules. So the following is my understanding of the license and for entertainment purposes only. 


Now back to business.


The basic POD license:

  • You can take graphics and make them your own to create a unique design and upload it to print on demand websites
  • You can use the fonts to create designs no problem
  • You can make as many sales as you’d like
  • You can ship POD products worldwide
  • You can NOT upload graphics as is without changing it to create your own unique design
  • You can NOT combine multiple products to create a new design. You must make it uniquely yours.
  • You can NOT upload font files
  • You can NOT upload premade patterns


The full POD license:

  • You can do all the same things you can do with the basic plus…
  • You can use the graphics and upload them to POD sites without changing them
  • You still can NOT upload font files
  • You can NOT keep selling full POD files that haven’t had any modification once you end your subscription. 


So as you can see, the POD licenses are pretty awesome and really can’t be beat. I don’t know of any other sites that offer this kind of license. 


Creative Fabrica for Amazon KDP

I love Creative Fabrica for creating low content books. First of all, they have already completed interiors that are ready to be downloaded. They have coloring books, puzzle books, journals, you name it. That means that all you need to do is create the cover and maybe edit the interior a little to make it uniquely yours and you’re all set to start making money with Amazon KDP. It really couldn’t be easier. 


Amazon KDP is a print on demand platform, so the same rules and regulations would apply as listed in the print on demand section above.




Creative Fabrica for selling Printables (aka Digital End Products)

Creative Fabrica is such a great place to get graphics and fonts for printables. 


The digital end product license is similar to the basic POD license in that you can use graphics to create new, unique designs. However, when combining multiple elements to the designs you must flatten the image so that the elements from Creative Fabrica cannot be extracted from your digital product by your customer.


With the digital end product license, you can NOT create digital designs that compete with those of the original graphics, elements, or templates you downloaded to create the design. And you can not redistribute to single elements you download. So if you download a flower graphic you can’t resell it and if you use it in a design the graphic can’t be extractable from your download. 


For all of the licensing guidelines for Creative Fabrica’s subscription, click here.



How do you use Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is really simply to use. When you have the subscription you can download anything on the website. Click on the graphic, font, pattern, or whatever element it is that you want and you will be taken to the product page. On the top right of the page, next to the product image is a download button. 


Right underneath the download button it tells you exactly what the licensing for that element allows. It may be for commercial license only, which means NO print on demand products allowed. Or it might be commercial and basic POD, or commercial and full POD. 


Depending on what the license of that individual element is, you can use it in different ways. 


Final Thoughts

I absolutely think Creative Fabrica is worth it. For $20 a month you can make hundreds of designs with their elements and graphics and as long as you make $20 a month from the products you create it is 100% worth it. Depending on your experience selling online, it may take a month or two of creating designs to build up to the $20 a month, but if you are consistent you should be able to get there no problem



So you’ve made it to the bottom and I bet you are looking for the bonus! Creative Fabrica often has a first month for $1 deal going, but you can’t find it on their website. Now you can try out the subscription for $1 for 30 days with no commitment (it’s really easy to cancel anytime.) So now you can go crazy and upload as many designs as you can to see if the full subscription is worth it for you! Please keep in mind that if you decide to end the subscription after one month you cannot make and new designs once the subscription has ended.


Try the Creative Fabrica subscription for $1 here!


If you don’t want to try their full subscription you can check out their dollar deals here.


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