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Where to Buy Low Content Book Interiors for Amazon KDP

If you’ve come to the conclusion that creating low content book interiors is incredibly time consuming and you are probably better off outsourcing, well, you are not alone!


Once you factor in the interior design time, cover design time, and upload time this passive income “side hustle” can become a full time job.


Buying premade, ready to go, interiors can save you hours and free up your time to focus your efforts elsewhere. Whether that means more time on marketing, niche research, design cover creation, trying another side hustle, or just more time with the family, that’s up to you. 


Here is a list of 6 places to purchase low content book interiors (and some exteriors.) 


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Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is by far my favorite way to get book interiors as well as graphics and fonts for book covers. 


Creative Fabrica works in two ways. You can make individual/one off purchases, which can add up quite quickly. Or you can get their subscription which I love and can’t recommend enough, I’ve had it since November 2020. You can get your first month for $1 and pay $20 a month after that. 


The subscription gives you unlimited access to EVERYTHING that is on their platform. It’s unreal. You can get your first month for $1.00 here and it’s $20/month after that


A little about Creative Fabrica’s commercial licence: There are two types of print on demand licences on the platform, the full POD and the basic POD. 


The basic gives you access to graphics, but you will need to create your own unique and original designs with the graphic before uploading your products for sale. 


The full POD licence allows you to use the graphics as is, if you so choose. However, if you do not make any changes to the art then if and when you cancel your subscription you will need to take down your products. If you do make changes to the files and create your own unique design, then you may leave your products up for sale even if you decide to end your subscription. 


With both of the print on demand licences you cannot continue to list new products with downloaded graphics once your subscription has ended. 


Read the full commercial licence here.




Etsy is another great place to find KDP interiors. There are tons of sellers with great deals selling all types of low content books. From lined journals and dot grid journals to kids activity books and adult coloring books. 


It’s important to read through each individual seller’s commercial licence rules as there is no one size fits all rule like with Creative Fabrica above. Each seller has the right to decide for themselves how they want their products to be used. 


For example, you may be limited to how many products you are allowed to make with the interior or how many products you are allowed to sell. The seller may also have different licensing options, or tiers, so at the lowest tier it may be for personal use only, the second tier may be up to 100 sales, the third up to 1,000 sales, and a fourth tier for unlimited sales. This will vary from seller to seller. 


If the seller offers the tiered system you may want to buy it at a lower tier to start and then once you start making sales on that product upgrade to the higher tier commercial license. 


Check out what Etsy has to offer here



Creative Market

Creative Market is very similar platform to Creative Fabrica in what they offer, with fonts, graphics, and KDP interiors. However, they do not have a monthly subscription service, instead, you need to buy credits to make purchases on the platform. The more credits you buy at once, the better deal you get.


Creative Market does not offer as good of a commercial license, in my opinion, as Creative Fabrica. However it is still worth checking out as they will have a different selection in their marketplace.


Check out Creative Market’s KDP interiors here.



The Hungry JPEG

Another platform very similar to Creative Fabrica and Creative Market where they sell mainly graphics and fonts. They also have a selection of KDP interiors. I believe they have just recently updated their license to allow print on demand, so their catalog of KDP interiors at this time is a little lackluster, however that should grow over time. 


Check out what is available now here.


Their license seems quite generous with unlimited products and sales from their graphics allowed. Be sure to read the licensing regulations for yourself here.




Believe it or not there are already tons of independent sellers on Fiverr with tons of low content book interiors to purchase. 


In all honesty, Fiverr wouldn’t be the first place to come to mind to purchase book interiors, but there are tons of different interiors and exteriors available on Fiverr. A quick search bring up over 650 results giving you lots of variety to choose from.


Much like Etsy, you will need to take a look at each individual sellers license agreement before making any purchase and posting products for sale. Each seller will have a different commercial license and it is up to you to keep track of your purchases and the agreements that come along with them.


Check out Fiverr here



Book Bird 

Book Bird seems like a great source for low content book interiors. They have over 120 templates to choose from that you can upload as is or easily edit to your target audience’s taste. They don’t have the option to just buy one interior here or there, instead you need to purchase either their whole library or their bundles option. 


The initial investment of the library is a little expensive, however you get access to any and all new templates available.


I don’t personally have experience with Book Bird at this time, so I can’t say one way or another if it is a good product, however it is an option. 



All in all, there isn’t a huge selection of places to go to buy low content book interiors, however each platform (especially Creative Fabrica and Etsy) has quite a large selection of interiors to pick from. 


When buying interiors to sell, it’s important to keep track of your purchases and the commercial licenses that come along with them. The last thing you want is to get caught up in a legal battle over a commercial license that probably cost less than $10 to begin with! 


Good luck on your KDP journey! 


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