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If you have just discovered Zazzle or are still quite new to it, you may be wondering; Can you make money with Zazzle? How much money can you make with Zazzle? and How to make money with Zazzle?


I have been on Zazzle for just over a year now and I am going to share how I made over $5,000 USD on Zazzle in one month. I should clarify, I do NOT mean I made it in my first month. It took a lot of hard and consistent work designing and uploading in order to create a strong portfolio of products. Not to mention a little bit of luck and good timing.


Earning money on Zazzle is very possible, but it won’t happen overnight. I will share my Zazzle income report and the steps I took to reach that amount of money. Hopefully, you can take something and learn from my experience.

Zazzle Income Report

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Over the last year, I have been consistently uploading new designs and working on my design skill. I went into this Zazzle print on demand venture without any graphic design knowledge and have learned everything “on the job.” Other than an info tech class that I took in high school, over a decade ago, my knowledge of graphic design was zilch.


It took time to build consistent sales, but I had my first sale within 3 weeks and my first bulk order, where someone bought 300 of my designs on one product, within the first 2 months. They say the proof is in the pudding, and that pudding was tasty enough to keep me motivated and proved to me that this was a viable option to make money online, as I enjoyed doing it.


So I hunkered down, kept designing, and kept learning.


The first few months were slow and it only started to pick up around Christmas time, when Zazzle puts everything on sale and the products fly on the “shelves.” My goal was to make 200 sales by Christmas and I hit it with 2 days to spare.


The sales kept coming after Christmas, and then COVID happened. While others in the Zazzle community were being hit hard complaining about a lack of sales, I was doing better than ever. I had spent a lot of time designing puzzles, not because they sold particularly well, but because I personally like puzzles and thought it was fun to put my photos on them.


Puzzles started to sell like crazy during COVID. With everyone off work and stuck at home, puzzles were a great way to spend time or to keep the kids busy.


Selling puzzles on Zazzle


At the beginning of April, Zazzle announced their new product. Face Masks.


I went to town and designed over 100 masks that first day, and another 150 or so in the coming weeks. By April 15th I had started selling over 250 masks a day. The masks brought in about 50 cents apiece, I ended up earning $130 that day.


My sales kept going up for the next week, my highest earning day was 552 sales totaling a $350 commission. Not too bad for a day’s work!


But of course, as trends go, the sales peaked around late April and steadily started to decline and plateau. I am still consistently making dozens of sales a day, but nowhere near what I made that first 30 days of the masks going viral.


To date, I have made over 14,000 sales and consistent sales every day.


I am going to break down the steps that it took for me to get to this point.



Zazzle Earnings Income Report

Zazzle Income Report



It took me months to start seeing consistent sales. And I was borderline obsessed. To the point that I would sneak in a little design in my downtime at my 9-5 job, maybe more than a little.


I kept uploading designs and continued to learn different design tools. (I currently use Inkscape for the majority of my designs, the built-in Zazzle design tool, and Canva.) I watched videos on how to create patterns in Inkscape and kept developing my graphic design skill. (Remember I started not knowing a thing!)


I can’t stress the importance of consistency enough, if you aren’t going to keep at it, then you aren’t going to make money. I have over 4,000 designs in my Zazzle store and I am continuing to build my store.



This is important, as every print on demand platform is run a little differently. Get familiar with the platform and the types of people that shop there. There is a certain demographic that buy on Zazzle and if you can tap into it you are golden.


Notice the keywords that do well and those that are lacking designs. Maybe you can find an untapped niche.



Zazzle is continuously adding new products to its site and it’s important to stay up to date and know what new products Zazzle is coming out with so that you can be ahead of the next trend. They announce new products in the Zazzle Forum under News.


I was up to date and found out about the masks the same day Zazzle announced them, meaning I was among the first to get their designs up. By the end of the first week, there were around 10,000-20,000 designs on the marketplace. Now, there are over 250,000.


I was able to get my designs up early and they have consistently been on the first page of the face mask sales page ever since. One of my first face mask designs was even among the top 3 most trending products on the whole Zazzle site for over 3 weeks.


It’s a lot easier to maintain your place on the first page from the start than to try and build your way to the top when there are already literally hundreds of thousands of competing designs. So try to get on the wave early.



  • Creative Fabrica – Where I buy ALL of my graphics and fonts. They have an awesome POD license.
  • Drawing Tablet – This is the one that I have. It’s an entry-level, affordable tablet that has allowed me to create graphics I never could have with a mouse and keyboard.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – Photoshop and Illustrator have allowed me to level up my graphic design skills in a way that wouldn’t have been possible using the free alternatives.
  • Canva– I use Canva to assemble the graphics I find on Creative Fabrica and create unique graphics.



The key to making money on any platform is consistency. With consistent effort on your part, you will start to make regular sales and you will be around for when the next trend hits. Whether it’s meant to be a part-time venture or full-time income it’s worth it to sell on Zazzle.


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