Here I have compiled all of the resources that I recommend to level up your graphic design skills! These are the tools that I have personally used, and still use, and can confidently say that they have made a huge difference in my ability to create amazing graphics for print on demand, Amazon KDP, creating digital downloads and more.

Pinterest with Ell

Pinterest with Ell

This is a Pinterest course by blogger Ell Duclos, that took our Pinterest from zero to hundreds of thousands of monthly impressions. We are still in the process of implementing the strategies from her course and growing our Pinterest account, but this course has taken the guesswork out of it and showed us exactly how to do it.

She also has a few free courses on her platform that are worth going through.

Check out her course here.


Tailwind is a social media scheduling web application. We use it for Pinterest, however, they recently added a scheduler for Instagram as well. 

Tailwind saves you a ton of time as you can create your pins in the app, schedule them for the foreseeable future, and forget about it. 

They have a paid and free version. The free version lets you schedule up to 30 pins in advance which should be more than enough to get you started and let you figure out if Tailwind is something that you want to invest in for your online business.

Sign up here.

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