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What Is Richmond, Virginia Known For?

Virginia‘s capital city has it all. From buildings that date back to as early as 1742 to plentiful outdoor green space and a wide selection of modern craft breweries, this city has a lively mix of old and new. Richmond is an up-and-coming destination for those interested in visiting Virginia. 


Richmond, Virginia, is known for its well-preserved history and role in the Civil War, memorialized with museums, statues, cemeteries, and more. People also enjoy its intricate canals and easy access to the James River. It also has an abundance of up-and-coming nightlife and neighborhoods. 


In the rest of this article, I’ll dive deeper into Richmond’s historical legacy as well as what it’s doing to move forward into the 21st Century. I’ll elaborate on what it has to offer in terms of historical and cultural institutions, and nightlife and entertainment options. 



Richmond Has a Rich and Fascinating History

Richmond is one of the oldest and most historic places in the United States. You can visit sites that give you a taste of life during the American Revolution and the Civil War, as well as when the tobacco and flour milling industries dominated the economy. 


Throughout the city, you’ll see plaques and other markers detailing the historical importance of different locations and artifacts. These range from buildings and river locks to preserved industrial equipment. 


Walking the streets of Richmond is a bit like wandering through an open-air museum. If you’re not in a rush and are interested in reading the descriptions, you can have a rich historical experience in this city. 


As you wander the streets, you’ll come across many Victorian-style homes that have been preserved and continue to be used as normal residences today. These houses are typically adorned with expansive, beautiful front porches complete with columns and intricate woodworking details. 


Richmond is a particularly walkable city, and you can easily spend a day wandering its beautiful streets and admiring its stunning, well-preserved architecture.


It’s impossible to discuss the history of Virginia without mentioning its role in the American Civil War. This city was the capital of the Confederacy in its day, and in decades past, it was easy to find streets lined with statues of Confederate leaders. 


However, as times change, Richmond has tried to keep up. Now, many of these statues have come down as the city looks for new ways to represent its history that are respectful to all its current residents. 


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Civil War Museum

Because of this city’s historical significance, it’s now home to several important museums. One of these is the Civil War Museum, dedicated to remembering the American soldiers who lost their lives on both sides of the war. The museum is also proud to offer a large number of artifacts that aren’t directly war-related, giving visitors a more holistic look at what life was like at that time in America.


While this may not be the only Civil War Museum in the country, it’s certainly one of the larger and more impressive ones. The expansive campus contains several important sites that have been converted into museum spaces, including the Historic Tredegar, the White House of the Confederacy, and the Appomattox Court House. 


Inside the Historic Tredegar Ironworks, you can find remnants of the once-booming iron factory. This factory was one of those responsible for keeping the Confederate Army stocked with artillery and iron-made supplies throughout the war. 


Now, it has been transformed into one of the main sites for the museum. You can wander through this unique building, touring the permanent and rotating collections of the Civil War Museum. 



If you visit the White House of the Confederacy, you’re stepping foot into what was once the home of Jefferson Davis. From 1861 to 1865, during the Civil War, Davis lived here with his family as the President of the Confederacy. After the war, this mansion was used as a government office and later as a school. 


Nowadays, the house is open for visitors as part of the museum. You can tour the rooms, get up close with historical artifacts from this time, and learn more about what life was like for the Davis family and their staff during this turbulent historical moment. 


The final stop on the museum’s campus is the Appomattox Court House. It was here that the final battle of the Civil War took place in 1865, where the Confederacy ultimately surrendered to the Union Army, and the war began to come to a close. 


Now, you can tour the permanent exhibit found here to learn more about how this brutal civil struggle came to an end and how the rebuilding of the country began in the following years. 



Virginia War Memorial 

If you hike up the hill overlooking the Civil War Museum, you’ll find the Virginia War Memorial. This is a beautiful space dedicated to the soldiers from Virginia who fought in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War. The names of soldiers who lost their lives during these conflicts are inscribed on the white marble walls of this memorial. 


You can spend some time paying your respects here and taking in the view from this Richmond hilltop. 



Hollywood Cemetery

In this historic city, the cemeteries are also a must-see. Presidents James Monroe and John Tyler are buried in Richmond’s famous Hollywood Cemetery. This 200-acre cemetery is a beautiful space with gently sloping hills, old oak trees, a historic stone church, benches, fountains, and graves dating back to the early days of America. 


You can even join a walking tour of this graveyard if you’re interested in learning more about its history and the souls that have been laid to rest there. Many historical figures have found their final resting places in the Hollywood Cemetery, as have many Confederate soldiers who lost their lives during the Civil War. 



Impressive Cathedrals and Churches

If you’re looking for some impressive, historic cathedrals and churches, you can definitely find these in the streets of Richmond. You can stop by St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church or St. John’s Cathedral and take in the expansive beauty of these houses of worship. 


It was actually at St. John’s Cathedral where Patrick Henry delivered his famous line: “Give me liberty or give me death!” in 1775. This speech was an important moment in gathering momentum for support of the American Revolutionary War.



You Can Stroll Along the City’s Canals and the James River

Richmond’s downtown features plenty of water you can walk alongside or cross over on one of its many pedestrian bridges. This area of the city features a system of canals that lead into the James River. The city has developed the area around the water to be a thoroughly enjoyable River Walk for its residents and visitors. 


Along the many canals and alongside the river, you can find wide, paved pedestrian paths that make it easy to go for a jog, walk, or bike ride while staying close to the water. As you move out of downtown and closer to the river, you’ll find more and more green space. Richmond has done a wonderful job giving its residents plenty of nature to enjoy when spending a day by the water. 


For those looking to adventure out further, plenty of beautiful islands are part of the James River Park System. These islands are generally accessible by the many public pedestrian bridges and can give residents and visitors an exciting and accessible trip into nature.



One of the best of these parks is Belle Island. Here, you can find large, smooth rocks that have been slowly eroded and flattened by water. These rocks made the perfect place to sit and hang out with family and friends in the warm summer months. The nature on this island is stunning, and it’s also equipped with trails and paths for a leisurely stroll. 


However, the most famous place in the James River Park system has to be Brown’s Island. This island has become the destination for most of Richmond’s live, outdoor events. The Richmond Folk Festival is held on this island every year, and it’s a popular destination for all kinds of musical concerts. The island itself is located steps away from the city’s downtown and is easily accessible on foot. 


For those looking for a big adventure, there’s always the Capital Trail. This paved, bike-friendly path connects Virginia’s old capital of Williamsburg with the current capital of Richmond. The path is 52 mi (83.69 km) long and is a beautifully scenic experience. There’s no need to do the whole path either; you can easily adventure out from Richmond for a leisurely bike ride and turn back whenever you want. 



Richmond Has Charming Neighborhoods and Plentiful Nightlife

Richmond has an abundance of cute neighborhoods that are perfect for wandering. If you’re looking for record stores, unique shops, theaters, and innovative eats, you have to check out the Carytown neighborhood. This charming, artsy district situated around Cary Street is well-known for its focus on small, local businesses and a creative way of doing commerce.


On the streets, you can find colorful murals and creative artistic touches. If you head inside the bars and restaurants, you can find healthy alternatives, farm-to-table dining, and upscale, creative cocktails. 


This neighborhood is also home to the historic Byrd Theatre, which is now a place you can catch a movie or attend an event aimed at cinema lovers. This neighborhood is the most bohemian spot in Richmond and is a lovely walkable destination for those who live in the city and those who are just visiting. 


If you’re looking for great nightlife options, you can head over to Shockoe Slip and Shockoe Bottom. These two neighborhoods are near downtown and can be reached if you continue along the Canal Walk. Here, you can find plenty of clubs, bars, restaurants, and on-the-go eats. You can easily locate food trucks parked in these neighborhoods.



Finally, no trip to Richmond is complete without visiting the Fan. This West End neighborhood gets its name from how the streets “fan-out” from one edge of the district. If you’re looking to see Richmond in all of its glory, this is certainly the neighborhood for you. The homes are mansion-like here, dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries. 


This neighborhood is also where you can find Monument Boulevard, a stunningly wide and tree-lined avenue that, at one time, was home to several prominently featured Confederate statues. These statues are in the process of being taken down, but the Boulevard remains an iconic place that embodies the city’s grandeur. 


If you stroll through the beautiful and walkable Fan neighborhood, you can enjoy its many parks, local businesses, and close proximity to the city’s most famous museums. It’s also near Carytown, so you can easily visit both of these neighborhoods in a single afternoon.


If you’re a fan of food trucks, craft breweries, and innovative gastronomy, Richmond is an up-and-coming destination for you. There are plenty of cute, locally owned businesses that’ll happily serve up your favorite beer, coffee, or cuisine. 



The City is Home to the Stunning and Expansive Maymont Park

If you need a full nature experience in Richmond, you absolutely must stop by Maymont Park. This old Victorian estate is now a public park where you can be completely immersed in beautifully curated greenery. Its arboretum and gardens are sublime, and it also features a historic mansion that visitors can tour.


The park is famous for its Japanese Garden, Italian Garden, and additional ten specialty gardens. There are also many unique animals that call this park home. Visitors can catch a glimpse of Virginia’s native foxes, black bears, and bald eagles. There’s even a bobcat that lives at Maymont Park. 


The animals were all rescued and cared for at the park but, due to their condition, were unable to be returned to the wild. In this way, the park functions as a small animal sanctuary as well. This 100-acre (40.47-hectare) park has made it to the U.S. Register of National Historic Places and is well-loved by visitors and residents alike. 



Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a city that blends early American history with modern eateries and entertainment, look no further than Richmond. While this city may be known for its role in the Confederacy, it’s turning into a city that’s passionate about updating the way it presents its past. 


Its stunning architecture, refreshing waterfront, and high walkability make it an ideal destination for everyone.


If you’re planning a trip to Richmond, Virginia, be sure to check out this city guide written by a local.