Looking for profitable niches that sell well on Zazzle? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the top-selling niches that are popular sellers on Zazzle plus information about each niche.

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Read on to find out what sells most on Zazzle.

Best Selling Niches on Zazzle

These are the top-selling broad topic niches on Zazzle. Read on to dig deeper into each niche and learn how to niche down further.

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Monogram
  • Holidays
  • Small Business
  • Babies
  • Vintage
  • Travel
  • Elections
  • Photo Collage
  • Human Rights
  • Vegan
  • Trending Media

Each of these niches is unique to the next and has sub-niches within it that are top sellers on Zazzle. Let’s go more in-depth into each of these niches below.

The Wedding Niche

The wedding niche is Zazzle’s bread and butter. They promote their wedding products like crazy, particularly in the spring. Though it is a saturated niche, there are so many buyers on Zazzle looking for unique designs that there are plenty of sub-niches within weddings to focus on to get your products seen.

A few niches within the wedding niche are rustic, sunflower, greenery, beach, elegant, holiday, destination.

Once you’ve chosen an initial sub-niche, you’ll need to niche down further.

For example, if you chose a rustic wedding you might choose to create sunflower designs, barn designs, horse designs, etc. Each of those is a niche. You can make 20+ designs for a rustic horse wedding theme.

If you choose to design for the wedding niche, keep in mind that people buy matching products for weddings, so you’ll want to put your designs on everything (invitations, save the dates, stamps, envelopes, bridesmaid gifts, groomsman gifts, thank you cards, rehearsal dinner invitations, etc.)

The Birthday Niche

There are literally hundreds of niches within the birthday niche. Let’s narrow some down.

Here’s a few ways you niche down a topic:

  •  You can niche down by age. You have at least 100 numbers to choose from.
  • You can niche down by gender; male, female.
  • You can niche down by family role; sister, son, mother, grandfather.
  • You can niche down by hobby or interest; soccer, softball, reading, knitting, painting, running.
  • You can niche down by career; nurse, teacher (niche down further: 1st grade, 5th grade, etc.) plumber, musician (niche down further: violin, guitar, cello, piano, etc.)
  • You can niche down by color. Some people are searching for specific colors.
  • You can niche down by mood; funny, sentimental, neutral, or party.

Some products that do well in the birthday niche are greeting cards, invitations, wrapping paper, party supplies such as paper plates, birthday signs, and hats. 

The Monogram Niche

Monograms are huge on Zazzle. The ability to personalize the text on other people’s premade designs as you buy them is a key selling point for Zazzle. It’s what makes them stand out among competitors in the print on demand industry.

The font that you choose to use on your design can make or break your sale. Take a look at the designs that sell well. Consider your target market and what they would like.

If it’s a girly design, a cursive, bubbly, or handwritten font might do well. If it’s a design geared towards more of a professional look you may want to go with a more classic font. Use your better judgment on this one.


There are so many holidays to design for. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Fourth of July are among the top sellers on Zazzle.  But other holidays sell well too and are less saturated. Canada Day and Father’s Day are also good sellers.

There are tons of products to put your holiday designs on. Greeting cards would be the most obvious of them all. But also consider wrapping paper, party supplies, mugs, home decor, ornaments, can coolers, invitations, etc.

Small Business

Handmade sellers are often buying personalized gift tags and stationery off of Zazzle. Typical office-based businesses also buy stationery from Zazzle. ID badges, for example, are a hot seller, they are consistently on the trending pages of Zazzle. Think business cards, name holders, and stationary.

Consider what kind of business, if it’s a handmade business, what are they selling? You could do a knitting design, sewing designs, soap design, etc. 


Babies are a huge niche of Zazzle. And that can be anything from invitations to a baby shower to gifts like a baby blanket or beanie for the baby. You can niche down further by gender, animal themes, or hobbies of the parent(s).


There are a few different styles of vintage items on Zazzle. There are t-shirts and clothing that have that vintage look, that distressed design. There’s also postcard and puzzles that have a vintage style image on them. You could even design for a vintage wedding niche.

There are quite a few different ways you could go with the vintage niche. The vintage niche can likely do well on almost any product on the Zazzle marketplace, do some research, see what is already selling well and how you could improve those designs. 


The travel niche is massive all over the internet and Zazzle is no exception. Niche down by designing for specific countries, states, provinces, territories, cities, parks, monuments, tourist attractions, etc. 

The travel niche can work well on postcards, magnets, pins, puzzles, greeting cards, luggage tags, passport holders, travel mugs, and more.


Politics are HUGE on Zazzle. We are a few weeks away from the 2020 Election and the trending page of Zazzle is all election-based designs and of course Christmas.

It’s mainly US elections that do well, so it’s tough to niche down further here. Try to get creative with your designs, there are some really funny and clever designs on Zazzle for the US election coming up.

Politicians are fair game when it comes to copyright, but do your own research on any other public figures. 

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and therefore not qualified to give out legal advice. It is up to you to do your due diligence and research on copyright laws in your country/state/location before uploading designs of any kind for sale anywhere online. 

Photo Collage

When I think of photo collages I think of family, friends, couples, and animals. Collages on mugs, pillows, cards, and just about any other product are huge. A Best Dad Ever mug or father’s day card could do well. How about a puzzle in memory of the family dog? Both are good examples of a photo collage.

Human Rights

When I wrote this one I originally called it LGBTQ, only to realize this topic is way bigger than that. Feminism, black lives matter movement, LGBTQ, etc. There are so many more factions to choose from.

Equality is the niche I’m talking about here. This is an important topic to millions of people and if you choose to create designs for this topic, please do your due diligence and educate yourself on the subject.

Ideally, you are already passionate about one of the topics making it a perfect niche to get into.


Similar to the human rights niche listed above, but a little different.

Veganism and vegetarianism are two more activism niches that get a lot of attention on Zazzle. Flat Earth vs science could be another niche. 

Products that do well in this niche would be pins, stickers, tote bags, magnets, t-shirts, lawn signs, parking signs, etc.

Trending Media

Take note of what is happening on social media and the news. There are tons of trending topics that you can make designs for that will sell like hotcakes!

The flip side of going after trending topics is that they never last. They see a huge spike and slowly die off over time. But going after trending topics can be a great way to get your store on the map.

Fidget spinners were a massive trend for a while there. Mommy’s fidget spinner with the corkscrew is a clever play on that trend.

Need more help finding profitable niches? 

When you are posting a product for sale on the Zazzle marketplace, look under categories, at events and occasions, and recipient. Each topic that falls under “Events and Occasions” and “Recipient” is its own niche. 

When you’re really stumped start there and pick out a handful of events/occasions to designs for and then narrow it does further by choosing the recipient. 

Want to read more about Zazzle? 

Be sure to check out our Zazzle library here.

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