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As a vegetarian moving to Montreal, one of my primary missions was to figure out all the spots I can go to get some awesome veggie poutine.

Poutine is one of the things that Montreal is known for and you don’t want to miss while in town. So I have compiled this list of all the places us vegetarians, and vegans, can get a tasty bowl of poutine in Montreal. Plus the veggie poutine options that they offer at this time.

Here are 11 restaurants with 14 different locations where you can find vegetarian poutine near you, wherever you are in Montreal. I’ve tried to find locations all over the city, however, the majority of the options available are in the Plateau and downtown area of Montreal.

Check out the map to see where each of these restaurants are located.



994 Rue Rachel E, Montréal

Located right near La Fontaine Park, La Banquise is the perfect spot to grab some take out and have a little picnic in the park.

Their poutine gravy is already 100% vegetarian so there’s no need to special order it with veggie sauce. They also offer a vegan gravy substitute at an extra cost.

The vegetarian poutine options on the menu are:

  • La Classique – a classic poutine
  • La Taquise – guacamole, sour cream, and tomatoes
  • La Rachel – green peppers, mushroom, and onions
  • La Mexicaine – hot peppers, black olives, and tomatoes
  • La Bonheur – veggie sausage, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions
  • La Veganomane – a classic poutine with vegan cheese and sauce

They also have plenty of meat poutines to choose from, so if you are grabbing a bite with your carnivorous friends there are lots of options for everyone.

La Banquise has been around since 1968 and is still going strong. It’s open 24/7 and is always busy. It’s a must-have while in town!

I have had the poutine here and it is really good! Would go again.



181 St Paul St E, Montreal

Montreal Poutine is located in Old Montreal, right by Old Port, and has a variety of vegetarian poutine options. Their gravy is vegetarian already, so anything on the menu that doesn’t have meat on top is fair game!

The vegetarian poutine options on the menu are:

  • Poutine with fried onions.

Honestly, reviews for this joint are on the fence. Some swear by Montreal Poutine and say it’s their go-to spot while others complain that they don’t serve free water, that instead, you have to pay for bottled water and that the fries are unappealing frozen bagged fries.

With only one vegetarian poutine option on the menu and mediocre reviews, it probably won’t be my first choice. But if I’m in the area with friends and they want poutine, I won’t say no.

At the time of writing this, Montreal Poutine is not very vegan-friendly.



1365 Ontario St E, Montreal

5145 Park Ave, Montreal

1348 Rue Beaubien E, Montréal

5405 Queen Mary Rd, Montreal

Poutineville has 4 locations, so if you aren’t right in the heart of Montreal you should still be able to find one near you.

Poutineville offers a few vegetarian options already or the option to build your own poutine.

The vegetarian poutine options on the menu are:

  • Le Mexican – Crushed potatoes with jalapeno, corn, tomatoes, olives, guacamole, sour cream
  • The 2 Poutine Samples – Two small poutines, one with sweet potato fries (yum) and one with a red wine gravy

I really like Poutineville, they offer multiple styles of fries from regular french fries, to their special house crushed fires, to a few other options.

They also offer multiple cheese topping, veggies toppings, and meet topping as well as different gravy types. From the regular gravy to a red wine gravy.

There’s something for everyone here.



25 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal

Dirty Pizza is a pizza and poutine restaurant in the heart of the Plateau on Mont-Royal Avenue. The

The vegetarian poutine options on the menu are:

  • The Classic
  • The Eastwood
  • Mac Attack
  • K-Pop
  • Bin Hot
  • Hot Mac
  • Notorious V.E.G.

You DO need to specify when ordering to make these poutines veggie as the gravy has meat and some of the veggie options on the menu have meat that they will omit for you.

We had Dirty Pizza poutine when we were staying in the Plateau and it was so good! Also very rich.

It was really good the next day heated in the oven. Yummm



4844 Wellington St, Verdun

This fish and chip joint located in Verdun has a mean veggie poutine! The poutine already has a vegetarian gravy, so no need to specify here.

They only offer a basic poutine, as their menu doesn’t focus on poutine.

The vegetarian poutine options on the menu are:

  • Regular Poutine

I wouldn’t go out of my way to get poutine from Comptoir 21, but if I was in the area I would definitely try the poutine here.



4177 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

Patati Patata is located in the heart of the Plateau on Saint Laurant Boulevard. One of my favorite areas in all of Montreal.

This spot is very affordable with big portion sizes. Making it a very budget-friendly spot to get poutine.

The vegetarian poutine options on the menu are:

  • Classic
  • Tofu
  • Patatine (raw veggie)

Unless you pay extra to add meat, all of the poutine options are veggie as their sauce doesn’t contain any meat in it.

Bonus: They don’t use any plastics with their take-out orders, making this an even more environmentally friendly option.

This is a cash-only spot.



3685 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

Another spot located in the heart of the Plateau. The Plateau definitely seems to be the hot spot for vegetarian and vegan cuisine in Montreal. But more and more restaurants are popping up in other areas as well!

Dirty Dogs and Dirty Pizza have almost the same poutine menu, with Dirty Dogs having more options. So I would assume they are owned and operated by the same group.

The vegetarian poutine options on the menu are:

  • Mac Attack – mac and cheese poutine
  • Hot Mac – Spicy mac and cheese poutine
  • Soprano – bruschetta, pesto, and mozerella poutine
  • SoCal – pico de gallo, mozzarella, jalapeno sauce, and sour cream
  • Eastwood – caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, veggie bacon, cheddar, and monteray jack
  • Dirty Sanchez – tortilla, sour cream, pico de gallo, green onion, and four cheeses
  • Bin Hot – jalapenos, chipotle, banana peppers, guacamole, and jalapeno sauce
  • Memphis – fried tempeh, caramelized onions, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, and mustard
  • Classique – gravy and cheese curds
  • La Saucisse – house fries, cheese curds, and DD gravy

Make sure to specify that you are ordering a veggie poutine.

Many of these options can also be made vegan!



1232 Rue de la Montagne, Montréal

LOV is a vegan restaurant with three locations throughout Montreal. They all offer a slightly different menu, and at the time of writing this only the one location offers poutine.

The vegetarian poutine options on the menu are:

  • Poutin LOV

Everything on the menu is vegan so this is the perfect spot to come with all of your veggie friends!



276 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal

4581 Park Ave, Montreal

Lola Rosa is a vegetarian Mexican restaurant with multiple locations throughout the city.

The two locations listed above have poutine, the others do not have it on their menu at this time.

They offer both vegetarian and vegan poutine options.

The vegetarian poutine options on the menu are:

  • Poutine – black bean, mushroom, herb sauce with house queso sauce and green onions

The reviews on the poutine here are a bit of a mixed bag, so I will likely only be trying this poutine if I am with more veggie friends.



4177 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

Another spot located on the busy Saint Laurent Boulevard. Pitarifique has vegetarian gravy that comes with all of their poutine options.

The vegetarian poutine options on the menu are:

  • Regular – gravy and cheese curds
  • Veggie – onions, mushrooms, peppers, and olives

Pitarifique has really good reviews, but I must admit, the veggie poutine options on the menu are a bit lackluster in my opinion. But with such good reviews, it is definitely worth a try!



2392 Lucerne Rd, Mount Royal

1180 Boul. de Maisonneuve O, Stanley St, Montreal

A lot of the Copper Branch locations are currently closed due to Covid, but I wanted to add these to the list for when things open back up again as they have a ton of locations all over Montreal.

Copper Branch is a vegan restaurant for business casual dining.

The vegetarian poutine options on the menu are:

  • Poutine with Cremini Mushroom Sauce – portobello mushrooms, tomato, garlic, and mozzarella style “cheese”

With so many location you can’t help but think this restaurant is doing something right with their dishes. Copper Branch is definitely on my list of restaurants to try soon.


Hopefully this has helped you figure out where you want to get some veggie poutine in Montreal tonight! Or in the coming days.

This list is just as much for you as it is for me. Now I have an easily accessible place to come to for when I am craving poutine.

*Heads up! It’s not on this list, but even the fries at Frite Alors are cooked in beef fat, so depending on your level of tolerance, are not veggie.