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What is Amazon KDP Low Content Book Publishing

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is an independent book publishing service that is open to the public so people to submit their books and sell them on the Amazon platform. This platform was set up for independent authors, however, a few years ago, people found a loophole, they didn’t need to write a whole book to make a profit from the KDP platform. Instead, they could upload No and Low Content Books, sparking this passive income trend around the web.


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What are KDP Low Content Books

Low content books are books that the user will fill out after purchasing. Lined journals are the perfect and most obvious example of a low content book, also called a no content book. There is very minimal content in the book at the time of purchasing, in the case of a lined notebook, it’s just lines, with maybe a quote or image or two on each page to give it some uniqueness. 

More examples of low content books include sketchbooks, puzzle books, coloring books, planners, and more. Want to know more? I give examples of 32 types of low content books here.


Do low content books sell on Amazon?

Yes! They sell really well on Amazon. That being said, your design, niche, title, and keywords need to be on point for customers to choose your book to purchase. A book that sells well on Amazon could make a sale anywhere from a couple of times a month to multiple times a day. 


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How much does Amazon KDP cost?

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a completely free platform! The only time you will have to spend money is IF you decide to buy author copies of your books or IF you decided to start advertising your book through Amazon. Meaning it will show up higher in the search results as a sponsored post. This is not recommended for newbies, it is best to wait until your book is already making consistent sales and then to give it a boost with ads once you have proof of concept. 


How do I create a low content book for KDP?

There are many ways to create a low content book. I go over how to create a lined journal in Microsoft Word here and how to create a dot grid journal in the free Inkscape program here. You can also create journals in Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint, Affinity, and many other programs. 

Whatever program you choose to use to create a low content book, the steps will be pretty similar. You will need to start by sizing your pages. Amazon gives you a sizing chart here.

Once you have the sizing down it’s time to start designing. First create your interior and then move on to the cover. You can use the same interior for multiple books and just change up the cover to get more books up faster. 


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What are the most popular low content books?

It’s hard to know exactly which low content books are the most popular, however a quick search shows that the best selling low content books on Amazon today shows that this book of 100 lined pages for kindergarten kids to learn to write, this kids dinosaur coloring book, this guest book, and this adult coloring book

These were just a few that I found in a quick 5 minute search and there are truly hundreds of other low content books that sell really well on Amazon, so don’t think you need to copy these books, there are many, many other low content books that sell well on the platform. This is just to give you an idea. 

Some other popular low content books include gratitude journals, puzzle books for kids and adults and so many more. 


How do I find my niche for KDP Low Content Books

Finding the perfect niche for you is a mix of keyword research and a little trial and error. Start with keyword research and try to find underserved niches. You can do this by searching different niches on Amazon, looking at the BSR rank and how much competition there is. If that niche is making sales and you think you can make a better design, go for it! 

Next is the design process, once you’ve decided on your niche you will want to make 15-30 designs for that niche and get them live. This is your test sample.

If any of those designs start selling, you have found a profitable niche and you should make more designs to maximize sales.

You can use the tool I talk about in this post: How to find the best keywords for Amazon KDP to help you figure out a good keywords and therefore a potential good niche to try out – they have a pretty helpful free version of their tool as well.


Types of Low Content Books

There are hundreds of types of low content books. Some of the most popular and most well known are:

  • Sketchbooks
  • Lined journals
  • Puzzle books
  • Guest books
  • Coloring books

For a full list of types of low content book, I have made another post where I go into detail on 32 types of low content books you can create.


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Is Low Content Book Publishing really profitable? Is it Worth it?

Yes! Low content book publishing is profitable and it is definitely worth it, as long as you keep at it and continue to learn and adapt as you go.

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this is not it. However, if you are looking for a way to slowly, but surely, build passive income, low content book publishing is a great place to start. 

You can make hundreds and potentially even thousands of dollars if you keep at it. However, that being said, it will take hundreds, if not thousands, of books published on your end. 

If this is something you want to pursue it’s best to start small, see if you even like working on the platform and go from there. 

There are so many ways to build passive income online, that it isn’t worth your time if it isn’t something you truly enjoy. For other ways to build passive income I suggest looking into Zazzle, Redbubble, Society6, and even looking into setting up your own Etsy shop

How do you market low content books?

There are many ways to market your low content books. The first option is to use Amazon Ads within the KDP platform. However, that can get pretty pricey pretty quickly. So there are other ways to market your books without spending an arm and a leg. Consider setting up social media handles for your author/publishing name through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and/or even Tik Tok. 

For more ideas on how to market your low content books, take a look at my post on 10 ways to market print on demand products here.


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Final Thoughts

If low content book publishing is something that sparks interest in you, I highly recommend giving it a try. Go full throttle for a couple of weeks or months and see what you can do. If at the end of that time you aren’t enjoying it or seeing the results that you would like, you can easily move on. Those books are up there for the rest of Amazon’s reign, leaving the opportunity for you to make passive income for years to come. 

Give it a solid effort and see if this passive income stream is one that you want to build.

If you aren’t much of a designer, consider trying out Creative Fabrica, they offer full KDP interiors. See my post here where I break down why I love Creative Fabrica plus offer an awesome bonus at the end!


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